• Ease of use: the product range is modular and suitable
  • Vision: ajustable lead glass through the tractor hydraulics
  • 5 available models
  • Uniform radiation protection
  • Smooth surface and leak-proof barrier offer easy decontamination


Designed in bactericidal composite materials, the “L-Block” range of shielded screens with a radiation protection viewing window allows for manipulation, preparation, measurement and fractionatin of radiopharmaceuticals while enseuring the biological safety of the operator.

The range of shielded screens is available in 5 products of different configurations:

  • L-Block Simple
  • L-Block Cave Simple
  • L-Block Cave with dose calibrator
  • L-Block Cave Automatic
  • L-Block Telemetry

The range meets all applications in open systems during the handling of high-energy radiopharmaceuticals in nuclear medicine PET activity.

Preparations, measurements and fractionating are possible in manual or automatic mode depending on the model selected.

L-Block range: a custom radiation protection

The radiation protection of this wide range of shielded screens consists in 60 mm lead shields and 104 mm thick laminated lead glass. In order to offer the same level of ergonomics for any configuration, all models feature a shielded window that can be tilted from 20 to 50°.

All models in the shielded screen range are compatible with the Safety Storage range of radiation protection cabinets. The combination of these two product ranges offers users secure working and storage environments. A considerable space optimisation, while ensuring appropriate radiation protection for the radioactive sources handled.
The high level of modularity of these two families of products makes it possible to create customised sets as required, adapted to the specific uses of each service.

5 products of different configurations

  • L-Block Simple

As an entry-level model, the L-Block Simple is the shielded screen for quick and easy handling. With its small footprint, it is the ideal screen for benchtop installation.

  • L-Block Cave Simple

The Cave Simple offers additional radiation protection through its shielded side walls. It forms a closed and secure handling environment that eliminates any risk of contamination. It comes with a sturdy stainless steel load-distribution plate for easy installation.

  • L-Block Cave with dose calibrator

The L-Block Cave with dose calibrator benefits from the closed and secure environment of the Cave with an additional Scintidose dose calibrator. This essential equipment performs radioactive source measurements. Supplied with a measurement readout screen and sample dipper, Lemer Pax offers the option of a Posilift source lift. This feature provides users with considerable reduction in hand and finger exposure with this automatic foot-operated dose calibrator dipper raising system.

  • L-Block Cave Automatic

The L-Block Cave Automatic is the “all inclusive” model of the range. It features, in addition to the advantages of the other configurations, an automatic patient dose collection system. The multidose radiopharmaceutical vial is positioned with its transport pot in the centre, behind the shielded lead glass window. Thanks to the sampling kit inserted, the vial is fractionated by remote control. Dose measurement is directly performed. A filling detection system secures the samples and alerts the operator in case of malfunction. With this system, the dose is packaged in a specific cartridge equipped with a tungsten shield and is ready for administration to the patient with one of the Jetti®, Manujet or Manujet Shield injection units.

  • L-Block Telemetry

The L-Block Telemetry is the latest possible configuration in the range. It is modular and available with or without side walls. It is equipped with a remote control ball joint positioned on the right or left (as required). The Lemer Pax design engineering team will be able to study the required configuration, depending on the intended use.


  • External dimensions: according to model
  • Materials: Composite
  • Exterior finish: RAL 9016 bactericidal


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