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28 June 2022

Lemer Pax leader in radioactive waste management

The management of radioactive waste, coming from nuclear imaging services, is becoming a crucial issue.
17 September 2021

How to inject ictal SPECT? From manual to automated injection

XAVIER SETOAÍN, FRANCISCO CAMPOS, ANTONIO DONAIRE, MARÍA MAYORAL, ANDRÉS PERISSINOTTI, AIDA NIÑEROLA-BAIZAN, NURIA BARGALLÓ, JORDI RUMIÀ, LUIS PINTOR, TERESA BOGET, MAR CARREÑO. Epilepsy Research.  September 2021 Successful surgery depends on the accurate localization of epileptogenic zone before surgery. Ictal SPECT...
3 August 2021

Restructuring and reorganising a nuclear medicine department: the example of the Princess Grace Hospital in Monaco

During the year 2019-2020, the Nuclear Medicine department of the Princess Grace Hospital in Monaco had to undertake extensive restructuring work. The main objectives were to install a new PET camera and develop a 68Ga PET diagnosis activity. To comply...
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