WHY CHOOSE Easypharma Compact

  • Reduced size :compact, small footprint.
  • Modularity: customisable lateralisation to adapt to the service and the internal working protocols.
  • Ergonomics: front inclined at 7° and free space under the work surface for greater operator comfort irrespective of height and working position (standing and/or semi-seated).
  • Optimum visibility : front door made of Vision+ lead glass (optional) for full visibility of the work surface.

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Easypharma Compact is a user-friendly hot cell for the elution of Technetium (Tc99m) generators as well as patient syringe for scintigraphy .

Easypharma Compact offers an optimum comfort

This hot cell features two-generator compartments equipped with 2 loading drawers and independent lifts as well as a secure, lockable front door. The selection of the generator to elute is commanded from the control panel located outside the hotcell. The raising and lowering of the generators is independant (2 access on the work surface) and is assisted electrically.

Easypharma Compact offers a lateral pass-through with interlocked inner and outer doors to preserve the airclass (2nd pass-through optional):

  • Door opening timeout to preserve theair class.
  • Inner door opened by foot switch forimproved working ergonomics.
  • Sliding tray for easy transfer

Easypharma Compact is designed to meet the highest radiation protection standards

The Easypharma Compact is  equipped with a 2 bin housings with total or partial opening to reduce to the minimum potential distal dose and with removable containers for better full body radiation protection.


  • External dimensions (mm) : L 1551 x D 950 x H 2342
  • Hot cell weight (1 pass-through): 2 420 kg
  • Radiation protection : Work surface : 15 mm lead - Generator compartment: 50 mm lead- Dose calibrator compartment: 15 mm lead- Bin compartment: 15 mm lead - Airlock: 20 mm lead
  • Dose rate: ≤ 25 μSv/h at 5 cm from the walls /
  • Maximum radioactivity that can be handled: Tc99m > 74 GBq In111 > 74 GBq I131 ≤ 1.2 GBq
  • Work surface dimensions (mm) : L 954 x D 570 x H 570
  • Work surface composition : 2 bin access (40mm Pb) with magnetic plug (20 mm Pb) - 4 sockets (electric and/or USB) - 1 dose calibrator access - 2 generator access
  • Effective dimensions of the generator compartment: L 369 x D 390 x H 410 mm
  • Number of generators: 2
  • Type of generators: IBA, Mallinckrodt, GE (others upon request)
  • Filtration : HEPA intake / aerosol filter and active charcoal outlet
  • Air extractor : 150 m 3 /h at the hotcell outlet (Ø 100 mm)
  • Vaccums : ≥ 120 Pa (≥ 120 Pa (air pressure gauge)
  • Lightning : LED
  • Germicidal UV : 15 W with adjustable time delay



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