WHY CHOOSE Easypharma Compact®

  • Vision: Large leaded glass for full visibility of work surface
  • Ergonomic: Front panel inclined at 7° to allow working in conventional and/or semi-sitting position
  • Modularity: Customizable lateralization to fit the department and internal protocols

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Easypharma Compact® shielded hot cell is an ergonomic hot cell for the preparation of low and medium energy radioisotopes.

Designed to assure the safety of the radioisotopes during the various operations: elution, fractionating, radiolabelling, reconstitution of radiopharmaceuticals and measurement kits.

It protects the operator from contamination and exposure (full-body) to ionising radiation from the radioactive element handled. The Class A laminar flow (ISO 5) ensures the integrity of the preparations and medication during each operation.

Easypharma Compact® offers an optimum comfort

The lockable generator compartment is equipped with two independent lifts compatible with all 99Mo/99mTc generators. It allows for the simultaneous use of two generators for daily elutions.

The selection of the generator to elute is commanded from the control panel located outside the hotcell. Assisted electrically, the raising and lowering of the generators is independant (2 access on the work surface)

Easypharma Compact® offers a lateral pass-through with interlocked inner and outer doors to preserve the airclass, with the following features:

  • Door opening timeout to preserve theair class.
  • Inner door opened by foot switch forimproved working ergonomics.
  • Sliding tray for easy transfer

The Easypharma Compact® shielded hot cell has been designed to provide an ergonomic workspace for operators. They can choose their working position (standing or sitting). Also, the “Vision +” option provides a complete overview of the work surface. This comfort is complemented by optimised radiation protection allowing operators to work without the need for a lead apron, further improving the quality and comfort at work.

Optimal radiation protection

Lead screens (15 mm) and lead panels (58 mm) provide a radiobiological protection to achieve a very low uniform dose equivalent rate outside the hot cell during all the handling phases.
The hot cell shielding allows the handling of radioisotopes common to all scintigraphic examinations in nuclear medicine (99mTc, 201Tl, 111In, 123I, …).

Easypharma Compact® : a user-friendly hot cell

Easypharma Compact® offers:

  • A dose calibrator compartment allows the installation of the measuring device as required, for improved versatility. Radiation to the user’s hands and fingers is considerably reduced with the “Posilift” automatic dose calibrator dipper raising system
  • 2 bin housings with total or partial opening to reduce to the minimum potential distal dose and with removable containers for better full body radiation protection.
  • Numerous sockets (electrical, USB, RJ45) are also available to the operator (4 strips) to facilitate the installation and programming of the accessories required for the various radiolabelling operations: stirrer, water bath, etc.
  • Germicidal UV tubes with adjustable timer guarentees an effective disinfection

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Fulfils the european directives 2006/42/CE et 2004/108/CE, the good preparation practices (BPP & BPF), the requirements of the ASN (Autorité de Sûreté Nucléaire), and standard ISO 14644.


  • External dimensions (1/2 airlock chamber): L 1 553/1 894 x D 959 x H 2 165
  • Hot cell tare weight (1/2 airlock chamber): 2 500 kg/2 600 kg
  • Radiation protection (lead):
    - Work surface: 15 mm
    - Generator compartment: 50 mm
    - Dose calibrator compartment: 15 mm
    - Bin housings: 15 mm
    - Airlock chamber: 20 mm
  • Standard equipment:
    - 1 airlock chamber
    - 1 shielded compartment
    - 2 generators
    - 1 shielded dose calibrator comparment
    - 2 shielded housings (1 bin each)
  • Type of lighting: LED
  • Brightness: > 1 000 Lux
  • Germicidal UV: 2x 8W UVC tubes with timer
  • Noise level: < 63 dB(A)
  • Shielding thickness: 15 mm of lead



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