WHY CHOOSE Shielded dry bath incubator

  • Heat and power indicator light
  • Wide temperature controle range (up to 150°C)


The shielded dry bath incubator range can chill to -10°C or heat to +150°C while providing full radiation protection when working with cardiolite, MIBI and MAG3 type solutions that need to be heated up to 150°C.

The are 3 models in the shielded dry bath incubator range:

  • Digital dry bath heater (Model 1)
  • Digital dry bath chiller (Model 2)


  • Overall dimensions: H 86 x W 156 x D 286 (Model 1), H 152 x W 165 x D 254 (Model 2)
  • Temperature range: Up to +150°C (Model 1), -10 to +100°C (Model 2)
  • Stability: ± 1,5°C to 37°C
  • Measurement accuracy: ± 0,5°C from 21°C to 150°C
  • Radiation protection: 5 mm lead
  • For more information, download the product documentation
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