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19 December 2023

Lemer Pax and SNOLAB: Act II before the underground installation

In late December 2019, Lemer Pax delivered an ultra-low background noise shielding structure to the Canadien Super CDMS (Super Cryogenic Dark Matter Search) Snolab project. The scientific focus of this project revolves around astroparticle physics, particularly neutrinos and dark matter....
14 November 2023

Nuclear fusion, the example of ITER

ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, also meaning "path" in Latin) is a scientific programme and challenge. Its aim is to carry out controlled nuclear fusion experiments at unprecedented levels of power and duration, and to understand the dynamics involved. Due to its size, the ITER tokamak will be the most powerful tokamak ever built. To achieve this objective, it will be necessary to create neutron-absorbing materials in the mortar family: lightweight and hydrogen-rich.
10 October 2023

3 questions for … Cécile Arbouille, Senior Executive Advisor, Nuclear Generation Division / EDF

We asked Cécile Arbouille, Delegate to the Nuclear Generation Division at EDF, 3 questions. In charge of Industrial Policy and Supplier Relations, she has a central role to play in the challenge of ensuring the secure, available and cost-effective operation of France’s fleet of nuclear power plants.
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