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1 March 2019

STMN, JFMN & DGN: the Posijet® is setting out on its spring tour

With spring coming closer, the Posijet® is getting ready to travel! The independent fractionation and injection unit for high energy radiopharmaceuticals, designed and manufactured by Lemer Pax, will be under the spotlight in the next editions of the STMN, JFMN
Colibri-30 Type B
31 January 2019

Colibri-30 Type B: the ultimate Lemer Pax transport container

As part of the Medicis-Promed project, Lemer Pax designed and produced a new type B container, a first for the company! Its objective: transport exotic isotopes[1] from their place of production to hospitals or radiopharmacies. This year, the Colibri (COLIs
2 January 2019

3 questions to Jean-François Chatal, pioneer of Nuclear Medicine in France

Professor Jean-François Chatal is former director of the nuclear medicine department at Nantes University Hospital, as well as the city’s Cancer Centre. He and his team were responsible for the installation of a high energy/high intensity cyclotron known as Aronax,

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