WHY CHOOSE Medi 9000 2R HE

  • Optimised visibility no blind spots
  • Ergonomics: access to the entire work surface
  • Reliability


The MEDI 9000 PET-A hot cell is specifically designed for the handling of High Energy radiopharmaceuticals in a controlled air laminar flow environment.

A very complete equipment offering the traditional services such as :

  • A compartment for the dose calibrator.
  • One loading drawer with motor lift for FDG containers.
  • A filtration and ventilation systems providing a vacuum to allow the confinement of radioactive particles.
  • A working area with two timer controlled germicidal UV tubes, LED lighting, 3 plug sockets, RJ45 and USB socket.
  • And two needle bin compartments.

The benefits of MEDI 9000 Class A are:

  • Optimized visibility by a lead glass window excluding any blind spot.
  • Full front opening with direct and unlimited access to the working area, facilitating the operations of setting up and cleaning.
  • The advanced position of the upper part relative to the lower portion facilitates the operator’s position which offers greater comfort for the legs.


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  • Overall dimensions (The dimensions must be confirmed by a layout drawing.) - 1 pass-through: L 1486 x D 1040 x H 2018 mm
  • Hot cell weight (1 pass-through): 4 168 kg
  • Shielding: 40mm lead
  • Work surface air quality: Class A
  • Effective dimensions: L 795 x D 534 x H 524 mm
  • Lead glass viewing window: Standard window: L 583 x W 422 x TH. 130 mm
  • Effective dimensions of the pot compartment: L 160 x D 250 x H 424 mm
  • Shielding thickness: 50 mm
  • Elevator: 1
  • Number of bins: 2
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