WHY CHOOSE Dose calibrators

  • Compatibility with radioisotope management software developped by SOFTWAY MEDICAL, NICESOFT and THELEME
  • Remote maintenance
  • Integrated quality controls
  • Precise measurement of radioisotopes in total safety


This range consists in 3 dose calibrators, allowing the measurement of low, medium and high levels of activity.

Their simple, self-explanatory operation makes it easy to process activity measurements, conduct check tests and store essential sata on files or labels.

A highly sensitive (I ≥ 15fA) shielded ionization chamber, with a removable protective lining made from radio-transparent plastic placed inside the detector, protects the ionization chamber from all forms of accidental contamination.

The sample holding spoon (compatible with the Posilift® remote-controlled raising and lowering device) is designed to have a minimum absorbent screening effect with respect to the radiation to be measured with the principal types of radioactive source packaging (bottle, syringe and capsule).

The interface is user-friendly and reliable with an ergonomic application. The display and ergonomics of the menus and controls have been designed to provide visual comfort and optimum readability. The modular interface is configurable according to isotope requirements.


  • Overall dimensions (mm): H 420 x Ø 220
  • Inner diameter : 45mm
  • Weight: 25 Kg
  • Radiation protection: 6 mm lead
  • Filling gas: argon (99%)
  • Operating temperature: 18°C to 45°C
  • Measurable energy range: from 25 KeV to 3 MeV
  • Isosensitivity zone at 2%: total height 80 mm
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