WHY CHOOSE Scintidose dose calibrators

  • Compatibility: with Softway Medical, Theleme and Nicesoft
  • Remote maintenance
  • Integrated quality controls
  • Storage of operator and source data
  • Measurement stability: ≥ 99%
  • Measurement accuracy: ≥ 95%


The Scintidose dose calibrators are a measuring device designed for the measurement of radioisotope activities of all energies. This range consists in 3 dose calibrators, allowing the measurement of low, medium and high levels of activity.

It can be integrated into manual and automatic preparation equipment such as shielded hot cells, benchtops or L-Block with an adaptable sample dipper and removable lining.

Their simple, self-explanatory operation makes it easy to process activity measurements. It conducts check tests and stores essential data on files or labels.

Ideal for extensive use in SPECT and PET activities

It covers a very broad energy range from 25 KeV to 3 MeV, as well as its theoretical measurement range from 4 kBq to 4 TBq (for 18F). The 3 mm lead shield built into the ionisation chamber for the standard model ensures that background noise is kept to a minimum.

The very high sensitivity (I ≥ 15fA) shielded ionisation chamber incorporates an electrometer which allows the measurement and digitisation of the amount of current received. It is also equipped with a removable protective liner placed inside the detector to prevent accidental contamination.

The sample dipper (compatible with Posilift® remote-controlled raising and lowering system) have a minimum absorbent screening effect with respect to the radiation to be measured with the principal types of radioactive source packaging (bottle, syringe and capsule).

Scintidose dose calibrator comes with an user-friendly and reliable app

The display and ergonomics of the menus and controls have been designed to provide visual comfort and optimum readability. LPDose interface is configurable according to isotope requirements.

The LPDose software features all the necessary functionalities for a precise and accurate working condition. It mainly allows for:

  • regulatory quality control,
  • calibration of multiple radioisotopes,
  • dose measurement according to their packaging
  • and synchronisation with radiopharmacy software for improved traceability.

It enables the exchange of radiopharmaceutical stock solutions, patient appointments or worklists, real time measurements and prepared doses.


  • External dimensions: Ø 200 x H 427 mm
  • Inner Ø: 46,5 mm
  • Possible Ø of the sample: 40 mm
  • Weight: 20,5 kg
  • Standard equipment:
    - Standard ionisation chamber
    - Posibox
    - Standard LCD screen
    - Wireless keyboard + mouse
    - Dymo label printer
  • Measurable energy range: 25 KeV to 3 MeV
  • Filling gas: argon (99%)
  • Operating temperature: 10°C to 45°C
  • Linearity: < 5 % (over the operating range of the dose calibrator)
  • Overall accuracy: +/- 2%
  • Shielding: 3 mm of lead
  • Certified CE 0459


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