WHY CHOOSE Medi 9000 2R Research

  • Compatibility: hot cell suitable for all synthesis modules on the market.
  • Scalability: possibility of adding a sampling PLC (Mediflash) and a second Gallium-68 generator.
  • Ergonomics and versatility: a unique solution for the Gallium-68 synthesis and syringe filling steps


The Medi 9000 2R Research shielded hot cell is a hot cell with 2 glove ports, for the preparation of high energy radiopharmaceuticals, mainly for PET activity. It is particularly suitable for safe synthesis of the radiopharmaceutical, fractionation and measurement of the patient dose.

It is the reference equipment in nuclear medicine services, adapting to all use constraints. Especially in PET activities to carry out radiolabelling and fractionating of Gallium-68 labelled drugs. This hot cell, thanks to a very spacious work surface allows the integration of all the modules on the market, even the bulkiest modules for carrying out radiosynthesis. Thus, all the uses, preparations and manipulations necessary for the activity of 68Ga are made possible.

It also allows fractionating of fluorinated radiopharmaceuticals 18F-FDG type. This shielded hot cell offers the possibility to manipulate a wide range of radiopharmaceuticals using the source lift option. An additional lateral pass-through is available in option.

The Medi 9000 2R Research has many assets like:

  • Compatibility : suitable for all synthesis modules on the market
  • Scalability: possibility of adding a sampling PLC (Mediflash) and a second Gallium-68 generator
  • Ergonomics and versatility: a unique solution for the Gallium-68 synthesis and syringe filling steps as well as for the fractionation of fluorinated pharmaceuticals

Safety, ergonomics and versatility

This shielded hot cell with particulate Class A (ISO 5) laminar flow has an acid-resistant work surface. Biological protection is provided by 50 mm lead shields and 160 mm lead glass, thus ensuring that the user is adequately protected during daily activities.

The Medi 9000 2R Research hot cell is composed of:

  • a FDG pot compartment with lift (or Ga generator compartment depending on requested configuration)
  • a shielded compartment two bins (liquid and solid waste)
  • a dose calibrator housing.
  • a deep work surface to accommodate all the synthesis modules available on the market
  • a choice of electrical, USB or RJ45 sockets are available as well as 2 capillary passages to connect to the generator
  • a control panel
  • a lateral pass-through avec un plateau coulissant permettant l’entrée, la sortie du matériel et des accessoires.
  • a laminated lead glass window allows full visibility and monitoring of the work space
  • a Mediflash sampling PLC with integrated dose calibrator (optional)
  • a 50 mm lead remote generator box (optional) with tubes routed through sealed chicanes

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This equipment is certified standard ISO 14644, follows the european directives 2006/42/CE, 2004/108/CE and 96/29 EURATOM, good preparation practices (GPP & GMP) and the requirements of ASN (Autorité de Sûreté Nucléaire).


  • External dimensions (1 or 2 airlock chamber): L 1 554/1 879 x D 1 207 x H 2 018 mm
  • Hotcell tare weight (1 or 2 airlock chamber): 5 060/5 280 kg
  • Exterior finish: ABS + painted steel RAL 9010
  • Interior finish: Corian® + 316L stainless steel
  • Standard equipment:
    - 1 airlock chamber
    - 1 shielded compartment - generator
    - 1 shielded compartment - dose calibrator
    - 2 shielded wall penetrations towards the outside (5 passages each)
    - 2 waste bins (1 liquid and 1 solid)
  • Type of lighting: LED
  • Brightness: > 1 000 Lux
  • Germicidal UV: 2 x 9W G23 lamps
  • Noise level: < 63 dB(A)
  • Shielding thickness: 50 mm of lead


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