WHY CHOOSE Mediclic syringe shields

  • Compatibility: with all syringes on the market
  • Simplicity: can be completely disassembled by the operator for decontamination or to change the glass
  • Ergonomics: Lead glass window with zoom effect and white lining for optimum viewing
  • Rapidity: quick and easy syringe insertion/ withdrawal system (1 click)


The Mediclic tungsten syringe shield reduces radiation to the user’s hands and fingers during manual preparation and injection of radiopharmaceuticals.

Mediclic syringe shield reduces exposure while allowing for ultra-fluid handling

Provided in two tungsten thicknesses, 2 and 5 mm. It guarantees radiation protection and compatibility with all isotopes handled in nuclear medicine. Whether for SPECT or PET activities for low, medium and high energy, such as 99mTc, 111In, 123I, 177Lu, 201Tl, 131I, 18F, 68Ga …

The structure of the Mediclic syringe shield body allows for an attenuation of more than 99 % for an activity of 740 MBq of 99mTc and 77 % for an activity of 300 MBq of 18F. It guarantees optimum radiation protection conditions for the operators’ hands aduring the various radiopharmaceutical manipulations.

The innovative and streamlined design of the Mediclic syringe shield offers an ergonomic grip. It helps operator dexterity during direct IV administration of the radiopharmaceutical. Connection to an IV cannula or other peripheral venous line is also possible under perfectly adapted aseptic and safe conditions.

A wide range of references provides for a complete range adapted to a large number of disposable syringe models which can be used in the Nuclear Medicine department.

The “click” system

The “click” system allows for easy positionning, insertion as well as simple and ultra fast removal of the syringe.

It is composed of a 316L stainless steel pin and spring, allows to easily insert the syringe, in the required position. The operator can rotate the syringe as required and change the depth of insertion.

Once the position has been chosen, the “click” system secures the syringe in position, with no risk of moving while the radiopharmaceutical is being administered to the patient. Ensuring that the injection is safe and the operator is always protected.

Safety and reliability are ensured

Thanks to its large viewing window made of high-density lead glass with magnifying effect. It provides visual comfort both for monitoring the volume of the radiopharmaceutical during administration. But also facilitates syringe preperation during administration and radiolabelling operations, reconstitution
of cold kits and fractionating of radiopharmaceutical stock solutions.

The large size of the radiation protected viewing window made of lead glass (density 5.2) combined with the internal Teflon sleeve, resistant to radiation and decontaminating products, allows to perfectly view the volume held in the syringe as well as all its graduations. It enables improved working comfort and unequalled visual precision.

The bevelled end of the syringe shield, made of 316L stainless steel, provides a secure view to check the connection between the syringe and the needle or 3-way valve. This special finish also ensures the robustness required. When cleaning the syringe shield by immersion in desinfectant and decontaminant baths and prevents possible breakage and scratches of the lead glass.

The intelligent design allows the operator to easily clean the syringe shield by immersion or using a disinfectant wipe. This innovative design also allows, if necessary, quick replacement of the lead glass window by the operator in a matter of minutes. No adhesives or special technical operations are required.


  • Low & Medium Energy - Radiation protection: 2 mm tungsten / 6.25 mm lead glass
    Size planned for the syringe: according to model
    Weight: according to model
  • High Energy - Radiation protection: 5 mm tungsten / 9.25 mm lead glass
    Size planned for the syringe: according to model
    Weight: according to model
  • Component parts: Tungsten body / 316L stainless steel profile tip / Teflon inner sleeve


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