WHY CHOOSE Easybox carrier

  • Light weight
  • 100% recyclable
  • Locking rockertype handle
  • Easy decontamination of the surfaces made of sturdy smooth plastic


Easybox transport carrier facilitates the safe transport of patient doses while optimizing the weight, from the radiopharmaceutical preparation laboratory to the injection cubicles and rooms, but also to the SPECT and PET examination rooms for dynamic imaging examinations. With to its two thicknesses of shielding, 3 mm and 6 mm of lead, this case can transport radioisotopes of various energies such as 99mTc, 111In, 201Tl, 177Lu et 18F, 68Ga, 13N.

The Easybox carrier case is made from 100% recyclable material. Its innovative design is in line with the Easysqueeze syringe shields.

Easybox: an unique concept and user-friendly ergonomics

This doubled shielding on the extremities guarantees improved radiation protection for the user during the transport of the radioactive dose.

In order to facilitate the complete opening of the case, a 304L stainless steel rotating handle has been selected and designed for ergonomic use in daily activities. An anti-swing locking system completes the rotary handle of the case to avoid any risk during transport.

In order to improve work comfort for the users, the identification of the different radioactive syringes in the department is made easier thanks to the different coloured labels on the case. Thus, errors by substitution of radiopharmaceutical drugs are avoided.

Cast in one piece, this syringe carrier is resistant to decontamination products and its smooth surface makes cleaning easy.

The choice of ABS coating on the Easybox case allows for easy cleaning and decontamination.

The Easybox case complies with the highest regulatory standards and is approved for sale on the US market.


  • Easybox LME carrier
    - Overall dimensions: L 256 x D 142 x H 67 mm
    - Total height with handle: 150 mm
    - Internal dimensions: L 193 x D 98 x H 46 mm
    - Radiation protection: 3 mm lead on 4 sides and 6 mm lead on the side ends
    - Weight: 3.48 kg
  • Easybox HE carrier
    - Overall dimensions: L 256 x D 142 x H 67 mm
    - Total height with handle: 150 mm
    - Internal dimensions: L 181 x D 92 x H 40 mm
    - Radiation protection: 6 mm lead on 4 sides and 12 mm lead on the side ends
    - Weight: 5.91kg
  • Component parts: Opaque polycarbonate case / Soft lead body / ABS bottom cover / Blister pack ABS lid / 304L stainless steel handle


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