WHY CHOOSE Easyview syringe shields

  • Compatible will all sizes and brands of syringes
  • 6 capacities (14 references)
  • Optimum radiation protection
  • Ergonomics: easy gripping and extra large lead viewing winbdow with zoom effect
  • Easy maintenance: quick and easy glass changing by disassembly of one single screw
  • Simplicity: Quick and effortless syringe release


Easyview syringe shields are available in a wide and complete range of sizes and shielding (from 2 to 7 mm of tungsten) to offer users an ergonomic and protective solution that is essential during the preparation, transfer and injection of all-energy radiopharmaceutical doses for SPECT and PET activities.

The range has been designed to facilitate daily injection and preparation practices in nuclear medicine departments

Regardless of the radioisotope to be handled: 99mTc, 111In, 123I, 177Lu, 201Tl, 131I, 18F, 68Ga and the required administration method: direct injection to the patient, connection to a catheter or a 3-way valve, the confortable hold of this syringe shield allows for dexterity, precision and speed of execution of the operation, thus limiting contact time with the radioactive element to a minimum. This range of ergonomic syringe shields meets the highest regulatory standards and is approved for sale on the US market.

The main part of the Easyview syringe shield is made of a tungsten barrel (from 2 to 7 mm depending on the model) which has been minutely worked on to produce a perfectly smooth finish that gives greater confort and helps with the cleaning and decontamination by immersion or with adapted wipes.
The attenuation of 140 KeV gamma radiation from 99mTc is over 99.7 % for 740 MBq activity and 86.95 % attenuation for 300 MBq activity of 68Ga.

Thanks to a smart design, Easyview is an easy-care product

The ingenious design of the Easyview allows the user to change the leaded glass viewing window independently by removing a single screw, if necessary, either for a simple replacement or for thorough cleaning and decontamination, but also when changing the plastic syringe lock with the tool provided (Torx key).

Its large shielded viewing window made of high density 5.2 lead glass with magnifying effect allows for improved viewing of the volume held in the syringe and its graduations in full, to facilitate precision sampling and thus improve daily working comfort.

An engraved identification data indicates the model and energy (LME or HE) on the tungsten body. It makes it easier to choose the syringe shield to be used in accordance with the capacity of the syringe and the radioisotope used. The engraved data also facilitates inventory and ordering of accessories.
A black plastic lock (PA 6.6) ensures that the syringe is secured in the syringe shield and secures its position by preventing unwanted random movement.

Last, we chose to made Easyview syringe shields out of tungsten to maximise operator’s radiation protection.

The Easyview syringe shields products presented on this page are medical devices and must be used by healthcare professionals.


  • Component parts:
    - Tungsten body
    - 304 L stainless steel syringe holder
    - Lead glass window
    - PA 6.6 plastic lock
  • Capacities: 1 mL / 2 mL / 2.5 mL / 3 mL / 5 mL / 10 mL
  • Size planned for the syringe: depending on the model
  • Weight: depending on the model


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