WHY CHOOSE Cont’Elu elution pots

  • Easy decontamination: stainless steel surface
  • Simplicity: glass replaceable by operator
  • Adaptability: full or reduced vision as required


The Cont’Elu shielded pot is the essential accessory specifically designed to perform 99Mo/99mTc radiopharmaceutical generator elutions. As well as collecting the injectable sodium pertechnetate (99mTc) stock solution essential for the radiolabelling of many kits, necessary for the performance of common scintigraphic examinations in conventional nuclear medicine or SPECT.

Compatible with all models of generators on the market, the Cont’Elu range is available in several references with a “viewing window” or “full view”. It corresponds to all service applications and to allow visual control of the vial and its contents concerning the identification of the solution, its volume and its appearance throughout its use.

Cont’Elu range: compact-sized and resistant

This light weight (less than 1 kg) and compact-sized Cont’Elu pot can also be used as a conventional vial shield for various daily radiopharmaceutical preparations.

Durable and very resistant, Cont’Elu is covered with 316L stainless steel with a mirror-polished finish to allow easy maintenance and decontamination, including by immersion.

The Zevalin Cont’Elu features a specific adapter to match the 90Y-labelled (Yttrium 90) radiopharmaceutical vial. It allows its correct positioning and facilitates its sampling. The particularly elongated body of this shielded pot allows full visibility of the vial and its contents with its integral laminated lead glass construction, for enhanced safety.

Maximum protection

In terms of radiation protection, the Cont’Elu’s structure is made up of a combination of two types of shielding 6 mm lead and 14 mm lead glass. Providing more than 99 % attenuation of the 140 KeV gamma radiation from 99mTc. The “full view” models are equipped with cylinders made entirely of high-density lead glass 5.2. It guarentees a 360° view of the vial and its contents and maximum protection.

Equipped with a sealed closing system, this shielded pot is secured with a screw-on shielded cap fitted with a sliding bar with a lead disc, which locks access to the radiopharmaceutical vial and prevents any risk of leakage and contamination in the event of a spill.


  • Dimensions: Ø 26,5 x H 50,1 mm
  • External dimensions: depending on model
  • Material: Structure 316 L stainless steel
  • Radiation protection: 6 mm lead / 14 mm lead glass
  • Lead glass density: 5,2
  • Weight: depending on model


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