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22 October 2018

Pr. Joris Ector

“I have been using the Cathpax® AF cabin from Lemer Pax since more than 10 years. It provides a way to protect me from ionizing radiation during all sorts of ablation procedures, from simple to complex. It does not limit me
X rays Dangers cathlab
20 May 2018

X-ray dangers in interventional cath labs

HOW TO OPTIMISE RADIATION PROTECTION OF INTERVENTIONAL CARDIOLOGY WORKERS FROM X-RAY DANGERS ? Although the benefits of catheter-guided procedures are certainly unquestionable in terms of patient health outcome, X-ray used during these interventions are extremely harmful to the operator. Great
radiation protection electrophysiology
13 April 2018

Evaluation of a radiation protection cabin for invasive electrophysiological procedures

The use of the radiation protection cabin allows to perform catheter ablation procedures without hindrance and with negligible radiation exposure for the operator.

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