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WHY CHOOSE Cathpax® AF Chair

  • Protection: unrivalled 2mm lead equivalence radiation protection from the head to the feet
  • Comfort: elimination of orthopaedic troubles thanks to the suppression of lead aprons and respect of working practices
  • Guaranteed asepsis: one single-use sterile kit, Cathkit® AF
  • This model limits operator's tiredness during long procedures by offering the opportunity to work standing or sitting
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The products presented on this page are medical devices and must be used by healthcare professionals.


Cathpax® AF Chair belongs to the brand of radiation protection cabins developed by Lemer Pax in partnership with Professor Michel Haïssaguerre (Cardiology Hospital of Haut-Lévêque in Bordeaux-Pessac) in order to protect operators from dangers associated to a regular exposure to X rays. The cabin Cathpax® AF (Atrial Fibrillation) is particularly adapted for electrophysiology procedures. More than 25 countries and 330 centers throughout the world use today the Cathpax® AF cabin. 


The Cathpax® AF has been designed to ensure an optimal radiation protection to the operator:

  • A regular exposure to X-rays represents a real danger to the health of the operator, resulting in the development of a large range of pathologies. Indeed, scientific litterature reveals, among many others, cases of brain and thyroid tumors, cataracts, reproductive organ impairment, cutaneous cancers, vascular disease and genetic alterations. To learn more, do not hesitate to discover our White Book on “X-ray dangers in interventional cathlabs”
  • A full radiation protection (2 mm eq. Pb) provided by the Cathpax® AF is far superior to the protection proposed by individual protection equipment that is conventionally used, such as lead aprons, thyroid shields, glasses or lead visors, that provide a maximal protection of 0,5 mm eq. Pb.


A better comfort during the performance of procedures with Cathpax® AF:

  • One out of two interventional cardiologists develops at least one orthopaedic trouble with the regular wear of individual radiation protection equipment, in particular the lead apron (weight: between 4 and 8 kg) (Source : Klein LW, et al., Occupational health hazards of interventional cardiologists in the current decade: Results of the 2014 SCAI membership survey. Catheter Cardiovasc Interv. 2015;86:913-924).
  • The Cathpax® AF enables the operator to perform even the most complicated procedures, such as Atrial Fibrillation ablation, without having the obligation to wear the heavy individual protection equipment. Hence, the fatigue is reduced and the environment necessary to an optimal patient safety is respected.


Cathpax® AF Chair offers the opportunity to work standing or sitting through the lower section that enables the access for the operator’s knees. For cathlabs that are equipped with a patient table presenting a large base, discover the model Cathpax® AF Telescopic.


  • Transparent glass and structure: 2 mm lead equivalence
  • Operator height : from 1,55 m to 1,90 m
  • Adjustable height for the arm access : +/- 200 mm
  • Wheel diameter: 150 mm for an easier handling
  • Dimensions: D 866 x W 795 x H 1,960 mm
  • Weight: 210 kg
  • Floor surface: 0,8 m²
  • Removable and easy to decontaminate arm cuff
  • Minimum height of the leg access: 457 mm
  • Maximum height of the leg access: 755 mm
  • Coating that is easy to clean
  • Sterile kit: medical device class 1s



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