Pr. Joris Ector

Full Professor, Cardiology – Electrophysiology / Director of the Clinical EP Laboratory / University Hospital Gasthuisberg / University of Leuven / Belgium

“I have been using the Cathpax® AF cabin from Lemer Pax since more than 10 years. It provides a way to protect me from ionizing radiation during all sorts of ablation procedures, from simple to complex. It does not limit me in my actions as I can perform transseptal puncture, exchange of sheaths and ablation from behind the cabin. I noticed over the years that it reduces my physical fatigue from long procedures as it is not necessary to wear a lead apron behind the cabin, and it provides a solid structure to lean on. We have demonstrated that the exposure to ionizing radiation behind the cabin is negligible, and therefore it provides superior radiation protection, as it also protects our face and brain. Together with all measures we take to reduce the radiation exposure to patients, like the use of nonfluoroscopic mapping tools, it reduces my concern on the possible harm from radiation exposure that results from long complicated procedures”