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WHY CHOOSE Cathpax® AF Telescopic

  • Protection: unrivalled 2mm lead equivalence radiation protection from the head to the feet
  • Comfort: elimination of orthopaedic troubles thanks to the suppression of lead aprons and respect of working practices
  • Guaranteed asepsis: one single-use sterile kit, Cathkit® AF
  • This model was specifically designed for cathlabs equipped with a large basis table and a mobile C-arm
Radiation protection comparision

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The products presented on this page are medical devices and must be used by healthcare professionals.


For interventional cardiology procedures, the cabin Cathpax® AF Telescopic developped in collaboration with the Professor Michel Haïssaguerre represents a simple and ergonomic solution for the protection of operators against the effects of continuous exposure to X-rays.


A cabin designed to reduce the ionising radiation exposure of the operator to the minimum

  • On long term, a regular exposure to X-rays may cause the development of several pathologies, such as cerebral and thyroid tumors, cataracts, reproductive organ impairment, cutaneous cancers, vascular disease and genetic alterations. To learn more, you can consult our White Paper on “X-ray dangers in interventional cath labs”.
  • The cabin Cathpax® AF Telescopic provides an integral protection of 2 mm Pb eq., far superior to the protection of the personal protective equipment conventionnally used, such as lead aprons, thyroid shields, lead glasses or visors, having a maximal protection of 0,5 mm eq. Pb on the zone that they are covering.


The Cathpax® AF cabin offers a better comfort during the procedures:

  • Personal radiation protection equipment, particularly lead aprons are relatively heavy (4kg to 8 kg). The regular wear of this equipment can over time cause at least one orthopaedic trouble for 50% of interventionnal cardiologists (Source : Klein LW, et al., Occupational health hazards of interventional cardiologists in the current decade: Results of the 2014 SCAI membership survey. Catheter Cardiovasc Interv. 2015;86:913-924).
  • The use of Cathpax® AF Telescopic liberates the operator from the wear of any personal radiation protection equipment, reducing the fatigue and optimising the healthcare quality provided to the patient.


The front left telescopic foot enables the Cathpax ® AF Telescopic to adapt to radiology tables presenting a large base. In other cathlab configurations, discover the model Cathpax ® AF Adjustable.


  • Clear glass & structure: 2 mm lead equivalence
  • Operator height: from 1,55 m to 1,90 m
  • Adjustable height for the arm access: +/- 200 mm
  • Wheel diameter: 150 mm for an easier handling
  • Dimensions: D 923 x W 840 x H 1,960 mm
  • Weight: 255 kg
  • Floor surface: 0,8 m²
  • Removable and easy to decontaminate arm cuff
  • Length of the telescopic foot: 380 mm to 860 mm
  • Coating that is easy to clean
  • Sterile kit: medical device class 1s



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