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WHY CHOOSE Cathpax® Novashell

  • Protection: unrivalled 2mm lead equivalence radiation protection from the head to the feet
  • Comfort: respect of working practices
  • Guaranteed asepsis: one single-use sterile kit, Cathkit® AIR
  • This model allows to perform all the necessary images and provides a full freedom of movement of the hands (direct access to the puncture port)
  • Cathpax® AIR protects efficiently the more sensitive areas: brain, eyes, gonads...

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Cathpax® Novashell is part of the range of the radiation protection cabins designed by Lemer Pax to protect operators against dangers to regular exposure to X-rays. Model Cathpax® Novashell is the ultimate model, developed in close collaboration with interventional physicians. It integrates new and
innovative proprietary technologies providing unmatched integral and collective radiation protection.

Cathpax® Novashell is the only radiation protection module offering 2 mm lead equivalence for a whole body protection while adapting to the work practices of interventional doctors.

Thanks to the WheelGlider® technology, it enables cath lab teams to perform interventional procedures using their preferred medical devices.

Cathpax® Novashell is compatible with various cathlab, C-arm and X-rays configurations

Versatile, it is compatible with Mono and Biplan C-arms & all X rays configurations in the different
interventional cardiovascular, peripheral interventions and neurovascular specialities.

It enables all types of procedures (such as coronary angiography, angioplasties and structural procedures such as TAVI and MitraClip).

Novashell allows to allows the practitioner to perform all the image sequences required for the procedure. It also gives the practitioner direct access to the patient.

Integration into the cathlab workflow is facilitated by the WheelGlider® system, which enables the module to be moved and micro-moved effortlessly. Moreover, an entire section of the room is protected; this zone is marked out on the floor by integrated lasers.

Cathpax® Novashell position – Cardiology
Cathpax® Novashell et angulation de l’arceau biplan pour la neuroradiologie
Biplan C arm angulation – Neuroradiology
Intégration au flux de travail
de la salle de cathétérisme
Integration in the cathlab workflow

Cathpax® Novashell ensures a full radiation protection to the operator:

  • On long term, a regular exposure to X-rays may cause the development of several pathologies,
    such as cerebral and thyroid tumors, cataracts, reproductive organ impairment, cutaneous cancers, vascular disease and genetic alterations. To learn more, you can consult our White Paper on “X-ray dangers in interventional cath labs“.
  • The Cathpax® AIR cabin provides an integral protection of 2 mm Pb eq., far superior to the protection of the personal protective equipment conventionnally used, such as lead aprons, thyroid shields, lead glasses or visors, having a maximal protection of 0,5 mm eq. Pb on the zone that they are covering

The Cathpax® Novashell cabin offers a better comfort during the procedures:

  • Personal radiation protection equipment, particularly lead aprons are relatively heavy (4 kg to 8 kg). The regular wear of this equipment can over time cause at least one orthopaedic trouble for 50% of interventionnal cardiologists. Source: Klein LW, et al., Occupational health hazards of interventional cardiologists in the current decade: Results of the 2014 SCAI membership survey. Catheter Cardiovasc Interv. 2015;86:913-924.
  • The use of Cathpax® Novashell liberates the operator from the wear of any personal radiation protection equipment, reducing the fatigue and optimising the healthcare quality provided to the patient.


  • Lateral protection panel: steel frame and lead glass (2 mm lead eq.)
  • Upper protection (scattered X-rays from the ceiling): leaded plastic (0,5 mm lead eq.)
  • Lower protection: soft radiation protective lead free material Novashield® (1 mm lead eq.), compatible with all C-arm projections and cathlab configurations
  • Operator height: from 1,55 m to 1,90 m
  • Pivoting see-through shielded shutter: the sliding upper part can rotate up to 60° and retract to avoid collisions with C-arms. This height of the panel can be adjusted up to +/- 25 cm (2 mm lead eq. for the fixed panel, 1 mm for the strips)
  • Wheel diameter: 150 mm for an easier handling (double wheel system)
  • Cabin dimensions: W 928 x L 975 x H 1974 mm
  • Overall dimensions: W 1,803 x L 1,616 x H 1,974 mm
  • Weight: 275 kg
  • Floor surface: 2,9 m² (including wheels)
  • Coating that is easy to clean
  • Sterile kit: medical device class 1s



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