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WHY CHOOSE Echosafe®

  • Protection: unrivalled 1 to 2 mm lead equivalence full-body radiation protection
  • Comfort: respect of working practices
  • Guaranteed asepsis: one single-use sterile kit
  • Echosafe® protects efficiently the more sensitive areas: brain, eyes, gonads...
  • The fluoroscopy image transfer screen ensures perfect workstation ergonomics


The products presented on this page are medical devices and must be used by healthcare professionals.

Echosafe® is the latest model in the range of the radiation protection cabins designed by Lemer Pax to protect operators against dangers of regular exposure to X-rays.

The cabin is designed for sonographers during TEE (Transesophageal Echocardiogram) procedures. Echosafe® is equipped with a screen displaying the fluoroscopy image. The sonographer views the images in real-time and simultaneously with the interventional cardiologist.

Echosafe® ensures a full body optimum radiation protection to the operator:

  • Scientific articles reveal that prolonged exposure to X-rays can induce numerous health complications including cerebral and thyroid tumors, cataracts, reproductive organ impairment, cutaneous cancers, vascular disease and DNA alteration. For more information, please read our White Paper on X-ray dangers in interventional cath labs
  • Echosafe® protects the sonographer irrespective of the position of the X-ray source. The cabin provides 1 to 2 mm Pb equivalence from head to foot, while PPE such as lead aprons, thyroid shields, lead glasses or visors, protect only the covered body parts with a limited radiation protection (0,5 mm eq. Pb maximum).

Unrivalled working comfort with Echosafe®

Echosafe® is designed for combined use with the Cathpax® AIR cabin in order to provide optimum protection for the interventional cardiologist – sonographer team.


  • Frontal protection: shielded wall and lead glass (2 mm lead eq.)
  • Upper protection (scattered X-rays from the ceiling): acrylic glass (0,5 mm lead eq.)
  • Lower protection: soft radiation protective lead free material Novashield® (1 mm lead eq.),
  • Video screen: for simultaneous display of the images shown on the interventional cardiologist's screen. It can be attached to the right or left hand side.
  • Mobility: 4 doubles wheels and compact subframe
  • Cabin dimensions: W 1280 x L 470 x H 1970 mm
  • Floor surface: 0,80 m² (including wheels)
  • Weight: 188 kg
  • Sterile kit: medical device class 1s



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