Radiation Protection Advisor

The Radiation Protection Advisor (RPA)

The immanente guarantee of radiation protection

By anticipating the risks of exposure to ionizing radiation, the Radiation Protection Advisor (RPA) applies the safety rules defined by the Labour Code and the Public Health Code1 and implements the means to guarantee optimal radiation protection (ALARA2 principle). Here at Lemer Pax, the Radiation Protection Advisor intervenes in all areas related to radiation protection (medical, industry, etc.) and brings their expertise to the development of the innovative equipment of tomorrow.


The Radiation Protection Advisor guarantees the health and safety of employees by implementing measures and means of prevention to ensure the proper organization of radiation protection and thus eliminate any risk of exposure to ionizing radiation. This can mainly concern:

  • Verification of equipment,
  • Methods of classifying workers,
  • Delimitation and zone assessment of restricted areas,
  • Preparation for rapid emergency response.

The RPA also participates in the risk assessment and coordination of preventive measures related to the radiation protection of the public, the environment and all the employees of the company in which it works. In order to guarantee optimal radiation protection, they take into account several risk factors such as the characteristics of the sources of ionizing radiation or the nature of the activity carried out. Be it advice or assessment, training or the implementation of emergency plans, the RPA has an overview of all situations related to the radiation protection of living organisms.


At Lemer Pax, our RPA collaborates with the Radiation Protection Advisors from the nuclear medicine departments of public hospitals or private clinics to provide the most appropriate responses in terms of radiation protection.

In close collaboration with the Lemer Pax Design Office, the Radiation Protection Advisor identifies the essential points of vigilance for the realization and development of effective and innovative radiation protection solutions to meet the requirements of professionals working in ionizing environments.

A particularity here at Lemer Pax: our RPA, in addition to their advisory missions, also works on the development of innovative radiation protection materials to guarantee both effective protection against ionizing radiation and marketing that follow the regulations set by the labour codes and the public health codes, as well as the recommendations of the ASN3.

Plates of Novashield® Glass

An example of this is one of Lemer Pax’s latest innovations: Novashield® Glass, the development of which has been constantly supervised by our RPA. This transparent, organic and lead-free glass offers both radiation protection against Neutrons identical to that of PMMA (poly methyl methacrylate acrylic) and protection against Gamma rays and X-rays.

A real technological breakthrough that required more than 16 years of Research and Development, this new lead-free ecological material is obtained from highly hydrogenated polymer matrices loaded with radioprotective nanoparticles. Novashield® Glass, protected by several patents, meets the needs of many high-tech sectors: industry and research, nuclear medicine, conventional and interventional radiology, defence, aeronautics and space.

1article R.4451-112 and Article R.4451-122 of the labour code, article R.1333-18 of the public health code.

2 In occupational risk prevention, radiation protection is the area where the ALARA “As low As reasonably Achievable” precautionary principle was applied for the first time. This is one of the basic principles of protection against ionizing radiation. This principle of precaution and optimization requires an evaluation of different criteria, taking into account such aspects as health, technical and economics.

3The French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN).