Lemer Pax in the race to develop radiopharmacy

The Pays de la Loire region has worked hard to create a real place in the industrial radiopharmaceutical sector.Hand in hand with the Arronax Cyclotron, dedicated to the research and production of innovative radioisotopes to develop radiopharmaceuticals and related technologies for oncology.
Lemer Pax, a historical member of Atlanpole Biotherapies, is fully involved in this development of personalized medicine.

Radiopharmacy is the set of human and material resources necessary for the exercise of this activity, which uses radioactive sources for the preparation of radiopharmaceutical drugs used in Nuclear Medicine.

Lemer Pax more than ever at the forefront

After having launched the standardization of the first shielded hotcells for PET in 1983, for the USA, Lemer Pax now accompanies, as closely as possible, not only the research but also the progress in nuclear medicine and new therapies.

Since the company’s involvement in the French electro-nuclear program, and the installation of shielded cells for iodine-131 in the radioisotope department of Professor Maurice Tubiana at the Gustave Roussy Institute, Paris, France, a vast distance has been covered in the field of optimal radiation protection of operators and the environment. The knowledge acquired in this area has strengthened the skills of the teams and the confidence of partners and users.

In 2022, there were no less than :

  • four radiosynthesis chambers for the production of fluorine 18 and carbon 11 which were delivered to the Frédéric Joliot hospital service molecular imaging centre on the Orsay site,
  • two rows of hotcells intended for the Nuclear Medicine department at the Institute of Nuclear Imaging of the CHU of Fort-de-France, Martinique,
  • two others at the GIP Cycéron research centre bringing together, in a single place, a set of instruments for carrying out biomedical investigations.

A product line of shielded radiosynthesis cells RS-75 / DS-75 / REP-75 for research at GIP Cycéron in Caen, France

Over the years Lemer Pax has acquired a solid reputation for safety, ergonomics and reliability with its range of shielded radiosynthesis and distribution hotcells intended for the radiopharmacy sector.

Lemer Pax covers all GMP radiopharmacy equipment needs for nuclear medicine departments and laboratories associated with cyclotrons.

In Martinique, the arrival of the Cyclotron and its PET-scan, at the Institute of Nuclear Imaging of the CHU of Fort-de-France, follows the installation of two laboratories complete with shielded hotcells for more than 60 tons total, delivered by Lemer Pax.

These shielded hotcells designed, manufactured and installed by Lemer Pax will make the CHUM nuclear medicine department a benchmark throughout the Caribbean arc. A long-awaited structure in Martinique.

REP-75 shielded disitribution hotcell for radiopharmaceuticals

This equipment is essential for the synthesis and distribution of radiopharmaceutical drugs produced under a sterile atmosphere to perform next-generation patient imaging for diagnosis and treatment in nuclear medicine.

Dr Nathalie Rizzo-Padoin, radiopharmacist

The undeniable progress in the field of personalized care in perfect coherence with the signature of the partnership agreement, signed on April 21, 2022, between the CHUM and the Gustave Roussy Institute, Paris, France, the first European centre for the fight against cancer, also equipped with Lemer Pax shielded equipment.

This is a prestigious partnership that will strengthen access to the best oncological care for patients in the area and help develop clinical research and support the teaching and training of medical teams.

In the Caribbean too, Protecting Life continues its journey.

End of installation of RS-75 / REP-75 shielded cells at the CHUM

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