WHY CHOOSE REP-75 Hot cell

  • GMP conformity: meets the good manufacturing practice standards
  • Filtration: air quality Class A in accordance with ISO standard 14644-1, HEPA filters (inlet) / HEPA + active charcoal (outlet)
  • Sealing: Sealing class 3 in accordance with ISO standard 10648
  • Uniform radiation protection: 75 mm layer of lead


The REP-75 hot cell is perfectly suited for fractionating and placing of products resulting from synthesis in vials, for the daily production of radiopharmaceuticals.

REP-75 isolator guarantee complete safety and ease-of-use:

With its high-standard 316L stainless steel interior finish, Class A filtration system, Class B passthrough, dose calibrator, vial exit station with an automatic system for placing the vials in a lead container, REP-75 isolator perfectly covers the regulatory requirements set out in radiation protection standards, and for good pharmaceutical practice.

All the functions of the hot cell are controlled on a touch screen:

  • inflating of the seals,
  • lighting,
  • ventilation valve control, etc.

The screen also provides a continuous display of the irradiation values, the negative pressure in each compartment, and the dust accumulation level, the airflow speed, humidity rate and temperature.

The REP-75 dispensing hot cell is composed of:

  • Dispensing compartment with Class A laminar flow
  • Pass-through with Class B air flow
  • Exit point of the vials, accessible from the work surface
  • Valve-effluents compartment
  • Class C laminar flow inlet cabinet

Chaque compartiment dispose :

on the hot cell console:

  • indicator light signalling the irradiation level
  • negative pressure gauge

inside the hot cell:

  • LED lighting (1,000 lux)
  • HEPA combined filtration +
  • active charcoal at the outlet
  • irradiation probe
  • negative pressure sensor

on the cell top panel:

  • HEPA filter at the inlet
  • manual ventilation control valves
  • automatic ventilation isolation valves
  • the valve-effluents compartment also features Gas Compression System (GCS) valve connections

on the doors:

  • two door contactors
  • electric lock controlled according to the compartment ambient dose rate
  • latch-type lock with key

Compliant with the recommendations of the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN)


  • Overall Dim. : L 2 870 x D 1 450 x D 2 500 mm
  • Cell empty weight: 17 000 kg
  • Connection to the nuclear ventilation network: DN50 minimum – approx. 50 m3/h
  • General power supply voltage: 230 V / 32 A
    50 / 60 Hz
  • Compressed air: 7 bars


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