WHY CHOOSE DS-75 Hot cell

  • GMP conformity: meets the good manufacturing practice standards
  • Filtration: air quality Class A in accordance with ISO standard 14644-1, HEPA filters
  • Sealing: Sealing Class 3 in accordance with ISO standard 10648
  • Compatibility: suited for most of the synthesis modules on the market


The DS-75 shielded hot cell is designed to house radiosynthesis robots, for the daily production of radiopharmaceuticals or for research applications.

These DS-75 shielded hot cells perfectly comply with statutory requirements for good pharmaceutical practice and those set out in radiation protection standards.

DS-75 hot cell guarantee complete safety and ease-of-use

They feature a high-standard 316L stainless steel interior finish, radial angles and smooth surfaces allowing for easy cleaning.

The hot cells are depressurised using automatic opening valves connecting to the nuclear ventilation network of the building or the Gas Compression System (GCS) for use in static containment. A pressure gauge continuously displays the negative pressure value in each hot cell.

All the functions of the cell are controlled on a touch screen:

  • inflating of the seals,
  • lighting,
  • ventilation valve control, etc.

The screen also continuously displays the irradiation values and negative pressure inside each hot cell.

Unrivalled working comfort with DS-75 isolator

Each hot cell is equipped with a fully removable stainless steel sliding tray for easy installation and connection of the synthesis module. The tray is also used as a drip tray in the event of liquid dispersion.

They feature liquid or gaseous target tube inlets, and different types of electric and fluidic connectors. (nitrogen, hydrogen, compressed air, etc.). Each hot cell covers the synthesis module requirements.

Also equipped with leaktight penetrations for the daily passage of the sterile line tube(s) to the dispensing hot cells.

Other possible configurations:

  • One column of two radiosynthesis cells superimposed without the side block of the non-shielded ventilated compartments
  • One column of one radiosynthesis cell and one non-shielded ventilated compartment in the lower part
  • One column of one radiosynthesis cell for research equipped with manipulator tongs and a non-shielded ventilated compartment with a pot exit point in the lower part
  • Other configurations possible upon request: 100 mm shielding, HEPA + active charcoal filtration at inlet and outlet, etc.


  • Overall dimensions: L 1,865 x D 1,200 x H 2,380 mm
  • Cell empty weight: 10,500 kg
  • Exterior finish: 304L brushed stainless steel
  • Interior finish: 316L stainless steel
  • Connection to the nuclear ventilation network: DN50
  • Compressed air: 7 bars
  • Floor load: 10 tonnes/m2


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