The Gas Compression System (GCS) allows to maintain the negative pressure of the hot cells for use in static containment, during the target transfer phases from the cyclotron and/or the synthesis phases carried out in the containments.

The hot cells connected to the GCS are isolated from the nuclear ventilation system for static containment. (class 3 leaktightness as per ISO 10648-2)

The Gas Compression System adapts to your work practices

The GCS sucks in (via negative pressure) and compresses the gases collected to store them in one of the two tanks provided. Once the compressor pumps are stopped, the tank is contained for decay of the stored gases.

The GCS can be connected to several hot cells in parallel. 

The Gas Compression System features:

  • 1 control unit
  • 2 compressor pumps
  • 1 vacuum storage tank – 100 L
  • Several storage tanks – 300 litres for total storage of 6,000 litres under 5 bars

GCS meets the requirements of the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN), maintaining the level of negative pressure in the hot cells for use in static containment


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