WHY CHOOSE Stainless filter steel casing

  • Safety : filtration containment and protection
  • Ergonomics : change filter without breaking containment in the hot cell
  • Regulatory compliance : NF M62-200 and seal according to ISO 10648 minimum class 3
  • Control : measure filter clogging rate with pressure gauges upstream and downstream


Stainless filter steel casing : Presentation

The stainless steel filter casings consist of a cover with at seal and a main body with two clamp-type outlets for connection to the network.

Stainless filter steel casing : Applications

These casings are used to contain radioactive particles on the extraction filters of hot cells and glove boxes in hostile environments. The filters can be changed without breaking containment.

Stainless filter steel casing : Options

  • Filters
  • Control and isolation valves
  • Clamp Accessories
  • BIBO containment bags


  • Casing made entirely of stainless steel (bead-blast finish): 304 L
  • Pressure measurement upstream and downstream of the filter: 2 1/8” gas threads
  • Sealed by silicone seal
  • Closing on circular groove by 3 stainless steel latches (adjustable clamping pressure)


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