WHY CHOOSE Vacuum sample transfer system

  • Adaptable : configurable as required
  • Ergonomics : 100 % remotely operable
  • Security : totally secure operation


Vacuum sample transfer system : Presentation

The vacuum system transfers samples placed in shuttles between bench tops, glove boxes or hot cells.

The operator controls the transfer from the operator console. The operator inserts the shuttle into one of the sending/receiving stations. It is suctioned into the vacuum transfer circuit using a differential pressure generator.

A switching system directs the shuttle to the receiving station chosen by the operator. The network is two-way. Shuttles can be sent from or received at each station.

Vacuum sample transfer system : Applications

Lemer Pax vacuum transfer systems transfer radioactive sources between different hot cells or glove boxes. They are designed for industry, the civilian nuclear sector and research.

Vacuum sample transfer system : Features

  1. Multiple sending/receiving stations in the same network
  2. Remotely operated
  3. Switching station increasing the transfer options
  4. Positioning detection during transfer and visualisation


  • Transfer speed: 5 to 10 m/s (two-way transfer)
  • Transfer length: up to 1,500 m, with transfer heights of 20 m and curve radii of 500 mm
  • Incorporation of stations into a single bench top or in glove boxes or hot cells
  • Transfer shuttle: for samples with maximum dimensions of Ø 35 x 215 mm and 1 Kg maximum.


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