WHY CHOOSE Shielded transport and storage containers

  • Customisation : large range and manufacturing on request
  • Optimised radiation protection : all types of biological protection (lead, stainless steel, tungsten, distance factor, etc.)
  • Regulatory compliance : Type A compliant with IAEA standards


Shielded transport and storage containers : Presentation

The wide range of Lemer Pax shielded containers offers optimised radiation protection for the transport and storage of radioactive sources.

Shielded transport and storage containers : Applications

Radioactive sources can be safely contained in Lemer Pax shielded transport and storage containers during transfer and storage to protect operators and the environment from contamination and exposure to alpha, beta, gamma and neutron radiation.

Click here to find out more about he design and production of Colibri-30 Type B, the very last lemer Pax type B container!


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