WHY CHOOSE Remote handling tongs

  • Reinforced biological protection : the design includes reinforced biological protection along the axis (adjustment of mechanical play and selection of materials used)
  • Ergonomics : gripper heads are easy to disconnect and change, the knob opens the jaws and locks them in position

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Remote handling tongs : Presentation

The Lemer Pax handling tongs are comprised of a body and a stainless steel coupler to connect the specific grippers for the object to be handled.

The gripper heads are easy to disconnect and can be changed remotely. The knob on the body opens and tightens the jaws. 


Remote handling tongs : Applications

Lemer Pax handling tongs are designed both for remote operation in hot cells for radioisotopes and for work in contaminated environments.



Made according to standards or customised, the bellows are defined by how they are attached to the hot cell (BE22 or BE33 ring) and the length of the rod (as required by the depth of the cell or where the source to be handled is positioned). The sealed coupler is incorporated in the bellows and is used to connect the rod and the gripper head.

Alternatively, the bellows can also be designed to fit on glove ports (contact us).

Lemer Pax sealed bellows maintain hot cell containment at handling tool ports.


  • Load capacity : approximately 5 Kg at one meter
  • Rod diameter : Ø 14mm (diameter Ø 12.5 mm available on request)
  • Rod length : 200 to 2,000 mm (extension can be used to increase length)
  • Sealed bayonet coupling on the coupler
  • PAD14 : PAD tongs Ø14 mm, please specify rod length (for connection with all accessories, you must order either the PAD-RCI coupler or a PAD-SV bellows seal)
  • PAD-RCI : Stainless steel watertight coupler (needed to connect the rod and the gripper head)
  • PAD-PSO : Oblique gripper head with standard rubberised jaws (versatile and costeffective)
  • PAD-PSP : Parallel gripper head with rubberised jaws
  • PAD-SCIE : Hacksaw attachment
  • PAD-PC : Scissor attachment
  • PAD-BR30 : Curved jaws for vials (min. bottle Ø 30mm) that fit on PAD-PSO
  • PAD-BR65 : Curved jaws for vials (min. bottle Ø 65mm) that fit on PAD-PSO
  • PAD-DDT : Disconnection plates for gripper heads (gripper head release system)
  • PAD-DDR : Disconnection plates for the coupler (coupler release system)
  • PADRA90/----- : Right angle adapter (please indicate the length of the adapter rod, 30, 150 or 300 mm)
  • PAD-RT----- : Rod extension, please specify the length from 200 to 2,000 mm


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