WHY CHOOSE Manipulation ball joints

  • Regulatory compliance : AFNOR NF M62-001
  • Uniform radiation protection : up to 200 mm lead equivalence
  • Operator comfort : limited handling effort

VIDEO: Manipulation ball joints



Manipulation ball joints : Presentation

The patented Lemer Pax manipulation ball joints have very low friction, reducing the effort involved in handling while providing biological protection.

Manipulation ball joints : Applications

The Lemer Pax shielded manipulation ball joints allow angular and axial motions of the remote handling tongs inside hot cells.

Manipulation ball joints : Options

  • Ball joint for mounting on horizontal wall
  • Tong rod passage diameter on request
  • Lead frame for integration in lead walls
  • Sealing ring (BE22 / BE33)
  • Remote handling tongs
  • Bellow seal for the tongs


  • Lead ball joints and frame
  • Lead ball covered with special anti-friction stainless steel
  • Frame finish very easy to decontaminate
  • Stainless steel knob to immobilise the ball joint
  • Secured with 4 stainless steel captive screws CHC M8
  • Delivered with all handling and assembly tools


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