• Preferred material : the benchmark for radiation protection data
  • Biological protection : protection against X-rays and gamma rays
  • Adaptability : a wide range of grades and shapes to meet all lead shielding needs
  • Expertise : longstanding expertise since 1850


Lead : Presentation

Lemer Pax can deliver solutions to all your lead shielding requirements. We have vast expertise in all the associated technical and environmental processes.

The semi-finished products below are commonly used products. Please contact us if you have other requirements.

These sheets can be bonded to various materials: steel, stainless steel, plywood, plasterboard, etc.

For all types of radiological shielding.

Used for caulking wall penetrations and sealing joints and connections with pipes, shielded glass blocks and cable or pipe channels.

Ideal for reversible radiation shielding, loaded material, or counterweights.

  • Moulded lead or cast in steel or stainless steel moulds

Casting in moulds or welded containers for lead castings up to 50 tons.

Our experience and expertise in casting includes:

  • Uniform casting
  • Compliance with dimensional tolerances
  • Quality control of the material
  • Quality control of the cast product
  • Thermal shrinkage

For complex radiation protection parts


  • Technical characteristics
  • Grades
  • Density : 11.35 for pure lead; 10.8 for 4%Sb lead
  • Refined lead (soft lead) for common applications requiring high density
  • Melting temperature : 330°C
  • Antimonial lead for your technical parts requiring high strength
  • Ultimate tensile strength at 20°C : I at a speed of 0.5 mm/min: 13.2 MPa I at a speed of 25 mm/min: 11.5 MPa
  • Lead alloy (tin, bismuth, copper) for your special parts
  • Compressive strength at 20°C : 1.5 MPa
  • Very low background lead for your radiation detectors
  • Yield strength at 20°C : 1.4 MPa


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