WHY CHOOSE Lead bricks & plastic shells

  • Performance: uniform radiation protection (no bubbles or wrinkles)
  • Flexibility: versatile, modular and re-usable
  • Availability: ultra-short manufacturing time
  • Protection: optimal gamma radiation protection


The Lemer Pax interlocking or parallelepiped shaped lead bricks offer users homogeneous radiation protection without air bubbles or gaps. They are very easy to use. They allow for quick “lead castle” type protection against gamma radiation emitted during laboratory handling, transport, storage or transfer of radioactive sources, regardless of the duration. These are modular and removable shielding systems. Which allows to create any required shape by placing lead bricks side by side, end to end or on top of each other.

Lead bricks & plastic shells: modular and re-usable

Lemer Pax has been designing and manufacturing it since its beginnings. In 2020, Lemer Pax innovated in this field with the introduction of a new product: the plastic shell.

Combined with lead bricks, it guarantees uniform radiation protection. While protecting the health of operators and avoiding direct contact with lead.

They are re-usable and modular and can be used to create made-to-measure walls for all gamma ray shielding applications. With an ultra-short lead time, lead shielding in nuclear medicine becomes a simple operation to isolate, store, transfer or transport radioactive sources in laboratories, medical imaging rooms or other specific source decay locations.

With their easy to change plastic shells, decontamination is easier and the bricks’ service life is extended.

This product meets the requirements of ISO 9404-1 and ISO 7212 standards.


  • Dimensions:
    - Base brick and ordinary bricks: L 100 x H 100 x Th. 50 mm
    - 1/2 top bricks: L 50 x H 100 x Th. 50 mm
  • Weight:
    - Normal base brick: 6.2 kg
    - Corner base brick: 9.4 kg
    - Normal ordinary brick: 5.5 kg
    - Corner ordinary brick: 8.3 kg
    - Normal top 1/2 brick: 2.1 kg
    - Corner top 1/2 brick: 3.1 kg


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