WHY CHOOSE Lead glass vial shields

  • Total lead glass protection
  • Minimum exposure for the technician
  • 360 ° visibility


The PFE/PME/PHE range of lead glass vial shields is suitable for a wide range of low, medium and high activity radiopharmaceutical vials for low and medium energy gamma emitting radionuclides (99mTc, 111In, 201Tl, 177Lu…). It offers to operators a radiation protection and ergonomic solution for storing radioactive liquid preparations in nuclear medicine, mainly for SPECT activity. Moreover, the PHE model also guarantees an attenuation of more than 99 % when handling high energy radioisotopes such as 131I, 18F, 68Ga.

Lead glass vial shields: an unprecedented visual comfort

With its integral design in high-density lead glass (5.2). It allows a full 360° view of the radioactive solutions stored inside as well as protection of hands and fingers for daily handling operations.

The operator knows the available volume of radiopharmaceutical solution at all times, as well as the identification data of the preparation (volume, activity, batch number, name, radioisotope), thus eliminating any risk of error.

This range of vial shields meets the highest regulatory standards and is approved for sale on the US market.

Secure sealing

Thanks to the innovative design of the lid and its fixing system with 2 O-rings. A removable cap, also fitted with an O-ring, allows the preparation to be completely isolated when not in use and prevents leakage.

Positioning and holding of the vial are possible and secure with the supply of a wide range of adaptors of different thicknesses from 3.5 to 25 mm delivered with the product. The vial is perfectly stable and at the right height for safe sampling, regardless of its size.

The Delrin® material used for the adaptors is extremely light, recyclable and perfectly decontaminable by immersion and soaking in suitable baths.

For an even more ergonomic design, the 3 vial shields can be positioned for in the PDA vial shield supports exclusively designed and distributed by the Lemer Pax & Medisystem group.


  • Internal dimensions:Ø 31 x H 62 mm
  • Material: 316L stainless steel
  • Lead glass density: 5,2
  • Locking system: Lid + Cap 316l stainless steel / lead and tungsten - Closing system with O-rings
  • Adaptors: Delrin® / Thickness: 3.5 mm - 5 mm - 6,5 mm - 11,5 mm - 25 mm
  • PFE
    External dimensions: Ø 57 x H 115 mm
    Lead glass thickness: 10 mm
    Radiation protection: Bottom: 8 mm lead / Top: 12 mm tungsten / Sides: 10 mm lead glass
    Weight: 1,34kg
  • PME
    External dimensions: Ø 67 x H 115 mm
    Lead glass thickness: 15 mm
    Radiation protection: Bottom: 8 mm lead / Top: 12 mm tungsten / Sides: 15 mm lead glass
    Weight: 1,8kg
  • PHE
    External dimensions: Ø 86 x H 115 mm
    Lead glass thickness: 24,5 mm
    Radiation protection: Bottom: 8 mm lead / Top: 12 mm tungsten / Sides: 24.5 mm lead glass
    Weight: 2,9kg


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