• Reliability: preparation identified by colour code (6 different colours proposed).
  • Ergonomics: inclined position of the vial for comfort and accurate movement, and therefore optimisation of sampling operations.
  • Optimised radiation protection: quick sampling with one hand possible.
  • Safety: the 2 specific compartments reduce the risk of pricking when recapping the needle and limit cross contaminations (NaCl 0.9 % ampoule).
  • Easy hygiene and cleaning: smooth and robust material guaranteeing easy disinfection and decontamination.


The PDA support is a vial shield support for the preparation of doses to be administered.

It allows for rapid identification of the various preparations required for SPECT and PET scintigraphic examinations.

Thanks to the identification labels (6 colours available), placed on the front of the support, the operator can constantly check the volume available in the vial.

The oprator eliminates the risk of preparation selection errors. The Preparation of Doses to be Administered support allows for optimised management of the workspace in shielded hot cells, microbiological workstations or laminar flow hoods as well as work benches.

PDA support: must-have accessory for the preparation of doses

3 specific locations each suitable for:

  • the vial shield, with 3 different cavities adapting to many models, positioned at an angle, to facilitate the sampling of patient doses
  • a NaCl 0.9 % ampoule, to avoid cross-contamination between the different preparations
  • protection of the sampling needle, to allow recapping without risk of accidental pricking

The PDA support is entirely made of Delrin® type POM, a smooth and robust material, and guarantees easy and total disinfection and decontamination by immersion or with wipes.

The PDA support is the result of successful collaboration between the Lemer Pax R&D department and Mickaël Chaussard, Radiopharmacist and the professional baccalaureate section of the Henri Nominé technical school in Sarreguemines (France).


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