• Easy decontamination of the work surface
  • Mechanical and chemical resistance
  • Mobile lead glass screen
  • 20mm anti-leak barrier around the work surface
  • Custom product


Lemer Pax has developed shielded and non-shielded benchtops made of various robust materials with chemical and mechanical resistance functional specificities for all user applications. Benchtop maintenance, as well as radioactive and biological decontamination are simple and quick thanks to the smooth surfaces of the materials offered: resin, reinforced polyester and composite.

A functional layout adapted to the constraints of the different services

These ultra-resistant shielded benches are composed of a painted steel frame, with a 15 mm lead shielded worktop, a de-contaminable composite coating, as well as shielded edges of 30 mm of lead on the front and the back. The shielded screen consists of 64 mm thick laminated lead glass, inclined at 45° for an optimal ergonomic working position, and is mounted on full-length double slide bars to ensure user safety and effortless screen mobility.

Customised benchtop

Lemer Pax produces layouts with the possibility of integrating utilities such as sinks, hot cells and storage cabinets, and then proceeds with the precise adjusting and installation of the benches.


  • PBEM1000 model: L 1 000 x P 805 x H 1 494 mm / Weight = 340 kg
  • PBEM1500 model: L 1 500 x P 805 x H 1 494 mm / Weight = 470 kg
  • PBEM2000 model: L 2 000 x P 805 x H 1494 mm / Weight = 610 kg
  • PBEM2500 model: L 2 500 x P 805 x H 1 494 mm / Weight = 750 kg
  • Effective dimensions of the viewing window: L 360 x D 360 x Th. 64 mm
  • Materials:
    - Work surface decontaminable composite
    - RAL 9010 painted steel frame
    - Lead glass + 304L stainless steel
  • Radiation protection:
    - Under the work surface: 15 mm lead
    - On the front: 30 mm of lead
  • Lead glass minimum density: 4,36


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