WHY CHOOSE Drying rack for syringe shields

  • Easy to use: quick drainage of the rinsing liquid
  • Ergonomic: lightweight, can be moved very easily
  • Long service life


The drying rack for syringe shields is a new must-have accessory in the Lemer Pax nuclear medicine range

Focusing on the constant improvement of the daily applications of our users

It can be directly immersed in a disinfection and decontamination tank, with a minimum volume of 20 L.

It is made up of 18 PVC rods, each one associated with a shock absorbing washer, to avoid any risk of scratching and breaking of lead glass when inserting the syringe shield. It is possible to position 18 to 36 syringe shields simultaneously and thus avoid the usual risks of syringe shield breakage due to impact during soaking.

Drying syringe shields is made easy

The 5 % angle for the dryer and 30° angle for its support allows for quick drainage of the rinsing liquid, which is directly stored in the 1-litre retention tank.

Thanks to its lightweight and two ergonomic handles, the syringe shield drying unit can be moved very easily.

Furthermore, this drying rack for syringe shields is compatible with Easyview or Mediclic.

The choice of white PVC materials simplifies:

  • daily upkeep
  • an extremely long service life
  • without chemical interaction with hospital decontamination products or oxidization problems


  • Total dimensions of the assembly: L 426 x D 199 x H 296 mm
  • Materials: White PVC
  • Angle: 30°


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