WHY CHOOSE Easysqueeze shielding shields

  • The color and the material reduce the anxiety of the patient
  • 100% recyclable
  • Fully removable parts

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The innovative Easysqueeze range of syringe shields was designed to provide the appropriate protection when handling gamma emitting radiopharmaceuticals, with a maximum energy of 140 KeV, dedicated to SPECT activity.

These syringe shields fit syringes from 1 to 10 mL to match the many preparations made in conventional nuclear medicine for scintigraphic examinations. The unique concept of colour coding according to capacity allows for quick and easy visual identification. As a result, it provides users with a unique way to avoid administration errors according to examinations, in line with the various radiopharmaceutical preparations.

The one-piece syringe carrier is made of flexible silicone and provides the user with an excellent grip and makes it more resistant. It can be easily cleaned and decontaminated by simple immersion, without any further handling or special precautions.
The patented syringe insertion and release system allow for easy positioning and removal of the syringe while ensuring a firm hold during direct radiopharmaceutical injections. The depth of insertion is adjustable and can be selected by the user, allowing to adapt to many syringe models.

Easysqueeze: adapted protection

To guarantee a protection adapted to the users, the Easysqueeze syringe shields include the following, for each reference: 2 mm tungsten sleeve and 7.5 mm lead glass window with a density of 4.36. This specific design provides users with 98.8 % attenuation for a 740 MBq dose of 99mTc radiopharmaceutical.

Easysqueeze is the only syringe shield with 100 % recyclable and removable components.

Its smart design allows the user to dismantle the entire window without the need for any tools, e.g. if a lead glass window needs to be replaced.

This range of syringe shields meets the highest regulatory standards and is approved for sale on the US market.


  • Volume capacity: 1 mL / 2 mL / 2,5 mL / 3 mL / 5 mL / 10 mL
  • Colour: Purple / Blue / Green / Yellow / Pink / Orange
  • Size planned for the syringe: depending on model
  • Inner diameter: depending on model
  • Weight: depending on model
  • Radiation protection: 2 mm tungsten / 7.5 mm lead glass (density 4.36)
  • Component parts: Coloured silicone body / Tungsten sleeve / Lead glass


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