The Crocobox carrier is the latest addition to the Lemer Pax & Medisystem range of shielded carriers for easy transportation of radiopharmaceutical syringes into the injection cubicles or rooms for SPECT and PET examinations.

An innovative rotating anti-pinch and anti-tipping opening and closing system

Crocobox carrier offers the users safety and ergonomics in their daily activities. It is available in two shielding versions to accommodate all the energy levels of radioisotopes commonly used in nuclear medicine: 99mTc, 111In, 123I, 177Lu, 201Tl, 131I, 18F, 68Ga, etc.

The Crocobox carrier ensures an ideal radiation protection

The high-energy version ‘Crocobox HE” can be positioned on the Manubox transport trolley. In order to avoid carrying the weight of the shielding required for the transport of the most irradiating radioisotopes.
Its cylindrical handle covered with 304L stainless steel makes it easy to grip and hold during transport. It is equipped with a spill containment tray limiting any possible propagation of radioactive leakage. Two models of this containment tray are supplied, made of white ABS and resistant to acids and decontaminants.
A robust HDPE 500 anti-tipping plate ensures that the case is stable when opened. It is made of stainless steel with sealed welds for durability and easy to clean on a daily basis, even by immersion.
A locking option is available on request for enhanced security.


  • Crocobox LME
    - Overall dimensions: L 283 x P 124 x H 66 mm
    - Total height with handle: 178 mm
    - Internal dimensions: L 210 x P 80 x H 40 mm
    - Radiation protection: 6 mm lead at both ends and 3 mm lead on all other sides + 4 mm stainless steel
    - Weight: 5,4 kg
  • Crocobox HE
    - Overall dimensions: L 295 x P 128 x H 89 mm
    - Total height with handle: 195 mm
    - Internal dimensions: L 200 x P 69 x H 46 mm
    - Radiation protection: 16 mm lead on both ends, 10 mm on top and 8 mm on all other sides + 4 mm stainless steel
    - Weight: 12.1 kg
  • Component parts:
    - 304L stainless steel structure - HDPE 500 anti-tipping plate - 304L stainless steel cylindrical handle - 2 white ABS containment trays


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