WHY CHOOSE Manubox trolley

  • Mobility: no more need to carry heavy loads
  • Working comfort: ergonomic handle to guide the movement
  • Safety: thick stainless steel base for optimum stability
  • Hygiene: made of stainless steel for easy, long-term cleaning


Manubox is a mobile trolley for the safe transport of high-energy shielded cases and doses of radiopharmaceuticals labelled with 18F, 131I, 68Ga, 13N. It allows for the transport into the preparation laboratory to the injection rooms or cubicles, thus eliminating the need to carry heavy loads.

Manubox trolley: safety and mobility

Highly mobile, with its 5 swivel castors, Manubox trolley features a large handle for easy handling. Covered in a black heat-shrinkable sheath for easy handling, it allows for easy one or two-handed operation. It is equipped with a fixed cavity, made of POM, a robust and easily decontaminable material, adapted to the size of the case used. Thus, Manubox trolley ensures a good hold and total stability of the carrier during the entire transport time.

Manubox can be adapted to all models of Lemer Pax and Medisystem carrier on request and further to a feasibility study. It is entirely made of 304L stainless steel for long-lasting resistance, for easy daily maintenance. And as well as for disinfection and decontamination. The tray features a rim over its entire surface, similar to a spill containment tray, to protect users from possible contamination and leakage.

This large tray with a rim also makes it possible to position and transport the equipment and consumables such as compresses and disinfectants required for the administration of radiopharmaceutical doses.


  • Overall dimensions: L 511 x D 514 x H 942 mm
  • Tray dimensions: L 450 x D 400 mm
  • Tray height: 835 mm
  • Component parts:
    - 304L stainless steel structure
    - Base with natural POM case cavity
    - Black thermo-sleeve handle
    - 5 double castors Ø 75 mm
  • Weight: 64 kg
  • Compatibility:
    - with Medi HE carrier
    - with Crocobox HE carrier on request
    - other model according to study


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