WHY CHOOSE Positong tongs

  • Ergonomic
  • Hand protection by an extra shielding
  • Compatibility: 3 different lenghts
  • Suitable for all vial manipulations: elution, radiolabelling, measurement, sampling


Positong tongs have been specially developed for safe and easy handling and gripping of irradiating vials. They are essential during the preparation and fractionating of radiopharmaceutical drugs in SPECT and PET nuclear medicine. Regardless of the size of the vial and the radioisotope handled (99mTc, 201Tl, 123I, 177Lu, 131I, 18F, 68Ga…).

3 different lengths are available: 250, 350 et 500 mm. In that way, they are suitable for all vial manipulations (elution, radiolabelling, measurement, sampling). They can be used in diverse environments: shielded hot cell, laminar flow hood, microbiological safety station, on a bench, behind a shielded viewing window.

Positong tongs are suitable for both right and left handed users and are the only scalable handling tongs on the market.

Thanks to options and accessories, Positong offers users 3 possible configurations:

  • The “simple all-purpose” configuration is suitable for routine daily use. This model takes up minimal space in the work space or on a shelf.
  • The “safety +” configuration with a removable fibrous epoxy handle takes vial handling safety to a higher level, preventing accidental release of the vial.
  • The “full safety” configuration consists of both the handle and a removable radiation protection shield, also made of tungsten composite (6 mm lead equivalence), to add additional protection to the users’ hands and fingers.

Maintenance: cleaning and decontamination are easy and possible even by immersion in a suitable bath, with their simple construction in 304L stainless steel, without springs or complex parts.


  • 250 mm length:
    Dim. without handle: L 270 x D 35 x H 54 mm
    Weight (without handle): 60 g
  • 350 mm length:
    Dim. without handle: L 370 x D 35 x H 54 mm
    Weight (without handle): 70 g
  • 520 mm length:
    Dim. without handle: L 520 x D 35 x H 54 mm
    Weight (without handle): 90 g
  • Material: 304L stainless steel - Epoxy fibre handle
  • Shield (optional):
    Weight: 635 g
    Composition: tungsten composite
    Radiation protection: 6 mm lead equivalence


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