WHY CHOOSE Easypharma 4R

  • Ergonomic hotcell
  • Compliant with the radiopharmacy preparation good practice
  • Compatible with the Tc99m generators of the market


Easypharma 4R is an innovative solution for the preparation of low and medium energy radiopharmaceuticals.

Easypharma 4R has been especially designed to ensure a total visibility of the work area and an unrivalled working ergonomy during manipulation, labelling and elution of low and medium energy radiopharmaceuticals.

The front access door to the generator compartment is equipped with a locking system giving access to the 2 slide-out loading trays (3rd tray optional). The selection of the generator to elute is commanded from the control panel located outside the hotcell. The raising and lowering of the generators is independant (2 access on the work surface – optionnal 3rd access) and is assisted electrically.

Easypharma 4R is also equipped with a shielded side equipped with an interlock system to preserve the air class integrity. A sliding tray facilitates the transfer of accessories and consumables.


  • External dimensions (mm): W 2634 x D 841 x H 2179
  • Work surface dimensions (mm): W 1694 x D 577 x H 587
  • Weight: 3200 kg
  • Radiation protection (lead): Work surface: 15 mm, Generator compartment: 50 mm, Dose calibrator compartment: 15 mm, Bin compartment: 15 mm, Airlock: 20 mm
  • Work surface composition: 3 bin access (40mm Pb) with magnetic plug (20 mm Pb), 4 sockets (electric and/or USB), 1 dose calibrator access, 2 generator access
  • Filtration: HEPA intake / aerosol filter and active charcoal outlet
  • Air extractor: 150 m 3 /h at the hotcell outlet (Ø 100 mm)
  • Vaccums: ≥ 120 Pa (≥ 120 Pa (air pressure gauge)
  • Lightning: LED
  • Germicidal UV: 15 W with adjustable time delay


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