WHY CHOOSE Medi 24 Vial Shield

  • Modular: up to 30 ml, plexiglass adaptors supplied (2 ml and 10 ml)
  • Optimum hygiene: decontaminable stainless steel and lead glass
  • Simplicity: glass replaceable by operator


This vial shield is designed for the storage of radioactive solutions. Medi 24 vial shield is easy to use with maximum protection (99.99 % attenuation for 99mTc). Available in 2, 10 ou 30 mL vials.

Medi 24 vial shield allows easy syringe sampling

It allows easy syringe sampling of SPECT radiopharmaceuticals while limiting user exposure. The internal diameter of the vial shield can be modified with the plexiglass adapters. Allowing the use of 2 and 10 mL vials (beta protection) that perfectly secure and centre the vials.

This model is made entirely of high-density lead glass for improved visibility and easy maintenance. It consists of a lead glass cylinder (density 5.2) which is closed at the top by a threaded lid with a conical lead cap.

This port gives access to the septum of the vial and allows the solution to be withdrawn using a syringe fitted with a hypodermic needle.
The robust stainless steel outer structure ensures that the lead glass cylinder is protected during handling.

A specific adapter can be supplied on request for the 30 mL vials (PMMA extension of 6 mm thickness and 36 mm external diameter) for the administration of certain therapies, mainly using Lutetium-177 (177Lu).

This vial shield meets the highest regulatory standards and is approved for sale on the US market.


  • External dimensions: Ø 80 x H 103 mm
  • Internal dimensions: Ø 37 x H 68 mm
  • Material: 304 L stainless steel
  • Lead glass thickness: 21,5 mm
  • Lead glass density: 5,2 g/cm3
  • Complementary shielding:
    upper disc 8 mm lead
    lower disc 10 mm lead
  • Locking system (in 316L stainless steel - lead and tungsten): Threaded lid + conical plug
  • Adaptors (in plexiglass): To centre and raise the vials
  • Sizes: 2 mL bottle - 10 mL bottle - 30 mL bottle
  • Weight: 2,45 kg


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