WHY CHOOSE Posisafe® Pb 30 Type A container

  • Optimal radiation protection thanks to 30 mm lead shielding.
  • Ergonomics : easy decontamination and easy gripping of the container.
  • Regulatory Compliance:for all modes of transport of radioactive sources (air, seaand land).


Posisafe® Pb 30 is part of the type “A” package product line designed by Lemer Pax for secure transport of radioactive substances.

The package is composed by two elements: an hermetic container offering a 30mm lead shielding coated with polished 316L stainless steel on all faces and an overpack including protective sponge.

Another product, Posisafe® W Type A,  including a tungsten shielding has also been developped in order to meet your needs according to the actvity of the manipulated sources.

Totally safe, this package meet AIEA regulations and safety standards for the transport of radioactive material .

The over pack is available in two sizes to better adapt to your constraints in terms of volume on one hand and radiation protection adjusting the distance factor on the other hand.



  • Container external dimensions: 115 x H 188 mm
  • Container usable internal dimensions: Ø33 x H 65 mm
  • Container weight: 10,5Kg
  • Container radiation protection: 30mm lead
  • Container exterior finish: Polished stainless steel 316L
  • Container option: Remote handling accessory (Ref. 00029008)
  • Overpack weight: 3,9Kg (Posisafe® Pb 30/220) / 5Kg (Posisafe® Pb 30/360)
  • Overpack maximal transportable activity in the package (F18): 15GBq (Posisafe® Pb 30/220) / 30GBq (Posisafe® Pb 30/360)
  • Overpack size : 220 x 220 x H 305 mm (Posisafe® Pb 30/220) / 360 x 360 x H 370 mm (Posisafe® Pb 30/360)


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