WHY CHOOSE Posisafe® W Type A

  • Screwed-on locking handle
  • Flexible shielding upon request


The Posisafe® W Type A shielded transport allows safe transportation and storage of radioactive substances.

Posisafe® is composed by a tungsten shielded container and an overpack meeting IAEA regulations and safety standards for safe transport of radioactive material.

The Posisafe® guarantees a full biological protection of the operator and the environment from contamination and exposition to ionising radiations.
Another version of Posisafe®, Posisafe® Pb 30 Type A  offers a 30 mm lead shielding. The Posisafe range meet your needs depending on the activity of the radioactives substances you’re manipulating.



  • Overall dimensions with handle: Posisafe® W 20: Ø 98 x H 196 mm / Posisafe® W 30: Ø 118 x H 203 mm
  • Weight: Posisafe® W 20: 8 kg / Posisafe® W 30:14 kg
  • Radiation protection (mm tungsten): Posisafe® W 20: 20 / Posisafe® W 20: 30
  • Usable internal dimensions: Ø 33 x H 66 mm
  • Overpack Dimensions: 340 x 340 x H 350 mm
  • OverpackWeight: 5,7kg


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