• Easypet® is a fully automatic hot cell easily revertible for manual preparations
  • 2 dose calibrators on a shared screen for an accurate real-time monitoring

VIDEO: Easypet



Easypet is the advanced full automatic hot cell from Lemer Pax, dedicated to high energy radiopharmaceutical preparations.

Easypet is easy and secure to use with a simple installation of the sterile sampling kits: the operator is guided by the system during the whole process. Combined with Jetti® or Manujet for injection, Easypet provides the best solution for radiation protection during preparation and injection.

The two dose calibrators and the standard equipment allow the use of Easypet in a full manual mode for specific preparations of high energy radiopharmaceuticals (F-Cholin, F-DOPA, FNA, I131…).


  • Sterile sampling kit (Ref. 00007030) for each stock solution vial
  • Sterile syringe kit (Ref. 00008218) for each syringe
  • Shielded loading cartridge (Ref. 00008480)
  • Specific syringe shield (Ref. 00007284)
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