• Optimization: possibility of diluting the stock solution vial
  • Reliability: 2 dose calibrators on a shared screen for an accurate real-time monitoring
  • Accuracy: activity measurement without shielding
  • Flexibility: patient dose adjustment by the operator
  • Compatibility: bilateral connexion with patient files
  • Personalized support: remote maintenance via internet

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Easypet shielded hot cell combines reliability and safety. Lemer Pax Research & Development teams in the design of this project. This equipment offers the ideal compromise between automation and conventional manual use, to guarantee users 100 % availability with multi-purpose operating modes.

Easypet is an automatic shielded hot cell with 2 glove ports designed for fractionating and measurement of ready-to-use fluorinated radiopharmaceuticals such as 18F-FDG18F-Choline18F-FNa18F-Dopa

Its sealed, ventilated and controlled class A (ISO 5) environment, as well as its 40 mm lead shield, provide all the properties necessary for handling the high-energy radioisotopes.

Easypet guarantees 100 % availability with multi-purpose operating modes

Equipped with 2 dose calibrators. It can be used as a manual hot cell for measuring 131I capsules for thyroid therapy, for example.

The specially developed, user-friendly and intuitive application guides the user through every step of the process and makes it quick, easy and secure to get started.

In particular, it allows :

  • The real-time measurement of activity, in the stock solution vial and in the preparation syringe
  • Dilution of the radiopharmaceutical vial is available at any time, thus optimising the use of the residual volume of stock solution activity.
  • Interoperability in two-way connection with the service’s radiopharmacy software, guarantees perfect traceability of drug lists and patient lists.
  • Easy daily quality checks of the dose calibrators with a dedicated and intuitive programme

Rinsing the sampling kit before removal significantly reduces exposure to the operator’s hands and fingers. Lastly, the preparation safety system alerts the user in case of malfunction during patient dose collection and prevents leakage and contamination risks.

The vial dose calibrator can be calibrated for other radioisotopes. It is supplied with an automatic, pneumatic foot-operated dipper raising system (dipper also supplied).

Remote maintenance allows for secure remote assistance and troubleshooting by Lemer Pax support teams.

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Easypet meets the requirements of european directives 2006/42/CE, 2004/108/CE, 96/29 EURATOM, N°2014-DC-0463 of ASN and standard ISO 14644.


  • External dimensions (1 airlock chamber): L 1 494 x D 832 x H 2 241 mm
  • Hotcell tare weight (1 airlock chamber): 2 980 kg
  • Exterior finish: ABS + painted steel
  • Interior finish: White anti-UV PVC+ 316L stainless steel
  • Standard equipment:
    - 1 airlock chamber
    - 1 shielded compartment - multidose pot
    - 1 shielded syringe cartridge compartment with dose calibrator (cartridge included)
    - 1 shielded dose calibrator compartment for vial (dose calibrator included)
    - 2 shielded housings - 2 waste bins
  • Type of lighting: LED
  • Brightness: > 1 000 Lux
  • Germicidal UV: 8W UV tube with timer
  • Noise level: < 65 dB(A)
  • Shielding thickness: 40 mm of lead, 50 mm of lead on the side with the puncturing system


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