• Revertable to manual mode at any time
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Injection speed regulator
  • Pressure sensors
  • Integrated lead glass viewing window

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The Jetti® automatic injection unit is a medical device designed for the radiation protected intravenous administration of high-energy radiopharmaceutical drugs labelled with 18F FDG et au 68Ga for PET diagnostic examinations.

It has been designed and developed to easily fit into nuclear medicine departments. To guarantee the continuity of optimal radiation protection, the patient dose is prepared in advance by one of the Lemer Pax and Medisystem automatic fractionating systems, such as the Easypet shielded hot cell, the Mediflash airlock chamber, or the automatic L-Block system.

Autonomous and compact shielded system for the administration

Mobile and versatile, Jetti® injection allows the patient dose to be transported to the injection room or cubicle. And to be administered automatically or manually, in conditions of radiation protection and hygiene that are adapted and optimised for both patients and users.

The 40 mm thick lead glass shield provides the user with full visual control over the patient and the injection site during the entire radiopharmaceutical administration.

Jetti® is also equipped with two pressure sensors and an injection speed regulator. In order to guarantee full safety of the patient during injection and to prevent any risk of extravasation. The specific construction of its dedicated injection kit guarantees the integrity of the radiopharmaceutical, and allows the user to proceed to the dilution of the patient dose, without requiring any specific action, and to its administration as well as to the required NaCl rinses, regardless of the required volume.

As it is compact and has large wheels, it is easy to move about and easy to use.


A specific version called Jetti® Max was designed and developed to handle other Iodine-131 (131I) radiopharmaceuticals in Vectorised Internal Radiation therapy (VIR), with an administration protocol that requires a slow injection.

The tungsten cylinder and syringe cartridge have been modified and optimised to increase the volume of the syringe containing the radiopharmaceutical that can be accommodated in this version of the injection unit.

Thus, a slow (30 minutes) and safe injection of the radiopharmaceutical is possible for a maximum volume of 50 mL.

Other radiopharmaceutical applications and compatibilities are also possible with the Jetti® Max injection, including the administration of 177Lu labelledradiopharmaceuticals.

Jetti shielded injector Lemerpax in use


  1. The patient dose, previously collected by one of the Lemer Pax and Medisystem automatic systems, is loaded by manually inserting the syringe cartridge
  2. The dilution of the patient dose to 10 mL is carried out automatically at the beginning of the radiopharmaceutical administration cycle.
  3. Injection is triggered by the operator who presses the “injection” button on the control panel or via the remote control
  4. Rinsing operations can then be repeated as many times as the operator requires, by pressing the button
  5. The downgraded or manual injection mode can be set at any time using the graduated plunger adaptable on the syringe cartridge and after releasing the injection kit from the peristaltic pump


  • External dimensions (excluding serum rod): L 562 x D 624 x H 1 317 mm
  • External dimensions (with serum rod): L 562 x D 624 x H 1 580 mm
  • Shielding thickness: Frame: 10 mm of lead / Syringe shield: 9 mm tungsten / Lead glass screen: 40 mm (density 4.36)
  • Component parts:
    - Shielded cylinder
    - Syringe cartridge - 2 syringe shields
    - Manual graduated injection plunger
    - Height adjustable serum rod (480 mm stroke)
    - 2 double locking swivel castors
    - 2 large fixed castors
    - Injection kit support
    - Removable containment tray
  • Materials: Aluminium frame / 304L stainless steel (equipment) / Natural POM, tungsten
  • Weight: 176 kg / Jetti® Max: 170 kg
  • Syringe volume: 10 mL / Jetti® Max: 50 mL
  • Battery life: 8 hours in operation on battery or mains
  • Weight of cartridge (incl. syringe shield): 2 kg / Jetti® Max: 4,6 kg


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