For improved synergy between Manujet manual injection unit and the BPP30 HV. Manujet Shield provides a smart combination of two equipment units for the intravenous injection of high-energy radiopharmaceutical doses, notably 18F and 68Ga.

Manujet shield, a multi-purpose shield

It offers optimal full-body radiation protection to users. Both during the injection of the radiopharmaceutical and during deperfusion and monitoring of the patient.
Thanks to height adjustments controlled by a hydraulic foot pedal. It adapts quickly and effortlessly to the size of the operator.

The shield is easy to move:

  • two aluminium handles
  • four 360° swivel castors with a diameter of 125 mm and non-staining rubber tyres

The large shielded viewing window (L 320 x H 200 mm) at a 45° angle, made of 80 mm thick high-density lead glass, provides precise visual control during the injection and for all technical actions to be performed.


The radiopharmaceutical dose is pre-prepared by one of the Lemer Pax & Medisystem automatic fractionating systems: Easypet, Mediflash, L-Block Automatic and packed in its syringe cartridge. It is then inserted in the 15 mm tungsten shielded cylinder.
The injection is performed by a highly sensitive manual plunger, activated by simple pressure from the user, which eliminates any risk of extravasation during the administration of the radiopharmaceutical.
Daily disinfection maintenance and radioactive decontamination are made easier with the decontaminable coating (colour RAL 9010).


  • Overall dimensions: L 666 x D 739 x H 1 447/1 647 mm
  • Shielding thickness: Shield: 30 mm of lead
    Cylinder: 15 mm tungsten
    Syringe shield: 9 mm tungsten
  • Equipments: - Shielded cylinder
    - Syringe cartridge
    - Syringe protector
    - 2 aluminium handles
    - Optional 304L bead-blasted stainless steel shelf
    - 4 castors dia. 125 mm
  • Adjustable height: Hydraulic raising and lowering control
    1 230 to 1 430 mm
  • Materials: Painted steel RAL 9010
  • Viewing window dimensions: L 320 x H 200 x Ép. 80 mm
  • Window inclination: 45°
  • Syringe volume: 10 mL
  • Weight: 248 kg


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