• Manual injection
  • Easy to manoeuver
  • Light weight and compact

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Manujet mobile injection unitsimple and functional, was designed to secure manual intravenous injections of high energy radiopharmaceuticals administered during PET diagnostic examinations.

As an alternative to traditional manual injections with syringe shields, it complements automatic dose preparation systems. Such as the Easypet shielded hot cell, the Mediflash airlock chamber or the L-Block Automatic system. It offers a complete high quality radiation protection solution from dose preparation to patient administration.

Manujet: adapted radiation protection

Manujet offers users radiation protection adapted to their practices. With its tungsten shield, it provides attenuation of over 96% for doses of 18F or 68Ga labelled radiopharmaceuticals.

This light weight unit (80 kg) with 5 double castors, is easy to handle and to move around. Its two side handles allow it to be moved effortlessly to carry patient doses to the injection cubicles. The injection is performed by a highly sensitive manual plunger, activated by simple pressure from the user, which eliminates any risk of extravasation during the administration of the radiopharmaceutical. It is made entirely of stainless steel, and therefore allows for simple and quick daily disinfection and decontamination, when required, without altering the injection unit’s components.

Focus: component parts

A 15 mm thick tungsten shielded cylinder is fitted with a shielded cap to allow total and secure containment of the radiopharmaceutical dose during transport. The two ridged screws and the large handle, allow for easy dismantling for complete and precise disinfection and decontamination.

The syringe cartridge and its shielded syringe shield (9 mm tungsten) condition and ensure radiation protection of the users of the patient dose previously prepared with the Lemer Pax and Medisystem automatic systems without any manual operation that could cause radiation to the users.

An infusion stand, removable and height-adjustable, facilitates dose dilution and rinsing.

The kits: the specific construction of the patient injection kit allows the dose dilution, injection and rinsing steps to be carried out safely and with ensured radiation protection, without any manipulation required by the user. The bubble trap and 0.22 μm filter also ensure and guarantee the integrity of the drug and the capture of any air bubbles.


  • External dimensions of the injection unit alone: L 511 x D 537 x H 996 mm
  • Dimensions with serum rod: Minimum height 1 560 mm (480 mm stroke)
  • Shielding thickness:
    - Cylinder: 15 mm tungsten
    - Syringe shield: 9 mm tungsten
  • Component parts:
    - Tungsten and 304L stainless steel shielded Cylinder
    - Natural white POM syringe cartridge
    - Tungsten syringe shield
    - 304L stainless steel injection plunger with volume scale
    - 304L stainless steel serum rod
    - Frame + 2 handles made of bead blasted304L stainless steel
    - 5 double castors, 2 with brakes
    - Transport cap holder
  • Weight: 80 kg
  • Syringe volume: 10 mL
  • Weight of cartridge (incl. syringe shield): 2 kg


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