WHY CHOOSE Mediflash airlock chamber

  • Sampling of the FDG mother solution in complete safety
  • Integrated dose calibrator compatible with the software developed by Softway Medical, Thélème and Nicesoft
  • Simple and intuitive use


The Mediflash airlock chamber is an innovative shielded sampling system for automatic dose collection of high-energy radiopharmaceuticals, e.g. labelled with 18F or 68Ga.

This shielded Class C airlock chamber, is the essential additional equipment for safe fractionating of multi-dose vials. It guarantees additional radiation protection for hands and fingers for users during dose preparations of the most irradiating radiopharmaceuticals. The airlock chamber can be adapted to the Medi 9000 PET 2R and Medi 9000 Research 2R and 4R shielded hot cells.

This system collects, measures and packages the patient dose directly into a sterile, radiation protected 10 mL syringe. Thus, the dose is ready for administration to the patient with the injection units: Jetti®, Manujet and Manujet Shield.

A downgraded operating mode has been developed in case of malfunction to allow the dose to be remotely sampled in manual mode. The radiation protection for hands and fingers offered by this system is maintened.

Mediflash airlock chamber: innovative automatic sampling system

The Mediflash airlock chamber is equipped with a Scintidose dose calibrator labelled as a Class I medical device. In order to allow reliable preparation of the patient’s prescription regardless of the concentration of the stock solution, a “volumetric” calibration has been developed. It allows to automatically apply the right calibration coefficient during the dose preparation. This specific calibration automatically overcomes the possible deviation between the required volume and the dose calibrator iso-measurement area.

Sampling is carried out via remote control on which the operator can activate the filling of the syringe. The operator can also command an emptying of the syringe, which is necessary when rinsing the kit, for example.

A volume detection system enhance user safety and make Mediflash simple and intuitive to use. Thus, any potential malfunction can be detected and the user will be alerted.

The syringe cartridge has been specially designed with a spring system, which releases the syringe from the tungsten shield to ensure measurement without shield attenuation for perfect accuracy. The operator can directly receive the collected dose into its cartridge with its tungsten syringe shield. A manual plunger that fits onto the cartridge is also provided for downgraded dose collection.


  • External dimensions: L 549 x D 445 x H 395 mm
  • Airlock chamber weight: 270 kg
  • Exterior finish: Painted steel RAL 9010 + ABS
  • Interior finish: Delrin
  • Standard equipment:
    - 1 airlock chamber with dose calibrator through chamber 2/3
    - 1 peristaltic pump
    - 1 inclined pot support
    - 1 remote control
    - 1 cartridge with 1 tungsten syringe shield 9 mm
  • Shielding thickness: 40 mm of lead


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