WHY CHOOSE Exposure-reducing cover

  • Optimum radiation protection
  • Robust
  • Simple
  • Compatibility: Curium, AAA, Cyclopharma, Comecer pots


The exposure-reducing cover provides additional hand and finger protection for users during manual sampling of high-energy radiopharmaceuticals. Specifically developed for PET activity it can be used in a shielded hot cell or on a benchtop behind protective shields. Robust and entirely made of tungsten
(20 mm), it is very easy to use and clean.

With this accessory, a significant reduction of more than 98 % in hand exposure can be observed when sampling 18F-FDG or other fluorinated radiopharmaceuticals. It can also be observed for Gallium-68 (68Ga) labelled radiopharmaceuticals. Moreover, they can also be used for Iodine 131 (131I) sampling with 99.42 % attenuation.

Once the radiopharmaceutical pot is placed in the shielded hot cell, the exposure reducer is installed in place of the radiopharmaceutical supplier’s pot cover. With its integrated centring cone, it fits perfectly on the pot and automatically adjusts to the vial. The sample can then be safely drawn up with a syringe equipped with a LP needle, for example.

They can be adapted to radiopharmaceutical transport pots, and are compatible with many brands such as Curium, AAA, Comecer, Lemer Pax.


  • Curium pot compatible
    External dimensions: Ø 95 x H 25 mm
    Weight: 2.75 kg
    Ref: 00033624
  • AAA pot compatible
    External dimensions: Ø 95 x H 25 mm
    Weight: 2.74 kg
    Ref: 00032918
  • Cyclopharma pot compatible
    External dimensions: Ø 93 x H 21,5mm
    Weight: 2.33 kg
    Ref: 00032919
  • Comecer pot compatible
    External dimensions: Ø 95 x H 25mm
    Weight: 2.58 kg
    Ref: 00039289
  • Diameter for needle passage: Ø 5 mm
  • Material: Tungsten
  • Tungsten thickness: 20 mm


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