WHY CHOOSE Medi 9000 4R Research

  • Optimised visibility no blind spots.
  • Working comfort: access to the entire work surface and spacious independent work areas.
  • Reliability.
  • Performance: increased to accommodate a synthesis module.

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MEDI 9000 research is a large and ergnomic hot cell particularly suitable for safe synthesis of the radiopharmaceutical ; fractionation and measurement of the patient dose.

With MEDI 9000 Research visibility is optimised visibility with no blind spots.
Working comfort is optimized thanks to access to the entire work surface and spacious independent work areas.
Reliability is guaranted.
Performance is increased to accommodate a synthesis module.
With its for glove ports, this equipment proposes an extra large and confortable working aera and creates 2 independent work surfaces very spacious areas .
With 50 mm lead the radiation protection is excellent.

Its main components parts are :

  • Deeper work surface to accommodate all the synthesis modules available on the market. Removable stainless steel work surface for easy cleaning.
  • FDG pot compartment with lift (or Ga generator compartment).
  • Chicane sealed by gland for the supply of medical air and the various gases on the generator side.
  • Independent left and right control panels to separate the work spaces (if the sealed central partition option is chosen).
  • Class C lateral pass-through in class C, with sliding tray for transfer to the work surface (second pass-through and bidirectional interlocking optional).
  • Option: front pass-through with direct access to the work surface.
  • Storage tray on ergotron arm in the bottom of the hot cell.
  • 2 bin housings accessible via the lower box of the hot cell.
  • Dose calibrator housing compatible with all dose calibrators on the market.
  • Option: spoon pneumatic raising and lowering (compatible with all dose calibrators on the market).

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  • Overall dimensions (The dimensions must be confirmed by a layout drawing.) - 1 pass-through: L 2804 x D 1197 x H 2481 mm
  • Hot cell weight (1 pass-through): 8 200 kg
  • Shielding: 50mm lead
  • Work surface air quality: Class A
  • Effective dimensions: L 1612 x D 620 x H 504 mm
  • Lead glass viewing window (mm): 2 windows - Standard window: L 583 x W 422 x TH. 154
  • Effective dimensions of the generator compartment: L 160 x D 250 X H 424 mm
  • Thickness of the shielding 50 mm
  • Number of bins: 2
  • Pass-through and generator/pot compartment air quality: Class C
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