WHY CHOOSE Medi 9000 4R Research

  • Optimised visibility no blind spots
  • Working comfort: access to the entire work surface and spacious independent work areas
  • Performance: increased to accommodate a synthesis module
  • Reliability


The Medi 9000 Research shielded hot cell (4 glove ports) allows for the preparation of high energy radiopharmaceuticals, mainly for PET activity. Designed for radiolabelling and fractionating of Gallium-68 labelled drugs, this hot cell model allows the integration of all synthesis modules on the market.

Equipped with two extra wide viewing windows made of laminated lead glass, it provides full visibility of the work space. In complete safety for the operator and improved monitoring of manual and automatic operations taking place in the work space.

Spacious, thanks to its two workstations, it offers the possibility of fractionating ready-to-use 18F-labelled. Furthermore, the Mediflash airlock chamber option improves operator’s work ergonomics.

Thus, all the applications and manipulations necessary for 68Ga and 18F activities are made possible in this shielded hot cell with laminar flow and particulate class A (ISO 5) in the work space.

Medi 9000 Research 4R: spacious and ergonomic

The shielded Medi 9000 Research 4R hot cell is composed of:

  • an extra-large work surface, to accommodate all the synthesis modules available on the market (sliding tray optional). It can also accommodate the Germanium generator when required. It is acid resistant, easily decontaminated and features 2 germicidal UV lamps with a timer.
  • a generator compartment, equipped with a sliding tray for easy positioning of the Germanium generator for all models and suppliers. This shielded compartment is lockable for enhanced security.
  • The storage compartment can receive the constancy sources for the quality control of the dose calibrator or any other radioactive sources requiring transitory storage or decay. This storage cabinet can also be optionally converted into a 2nd generator compartment, a second pot compartment or a front air chamber with a lift.
  • The pot compartment, 50 mm lead, is equipped with an electric lift with a sliding tray. It can accommodate all 18F labelled multidose radiopharmaceutical vial shields.
  • The 50 mm lead shielded dose calibrator compartment allows the installation of a measuring device as required for improved versatility. The automatic dipper raising system option allows to reduce operator exposure and provides unparalleled freedom of movement.
  • The waste compartment can accommodate two waste bins: with independent accesses on the work surface, each equipped with magnetic openings in order to preserve maximum floor space. Containers are removed from under the work surface through a 50 mm lead-lined, lockable door.

Adapted and secure protection

Biological protection is provided by 50 mm lead shields and 160 mm lead glass. Thus providing the user with adapted and secure protection during daily activities.

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Medi 9000 Research 4R complies with european standard 2006/42/CE, 2004/108/CE, 96/29 EURATOM. It also complies with the ASN requirements and standard ISO 4644.


  • External dimensions (1 or 2 airlock chambers): L 2 484 / 2 808 x H 2 018 x D 1 203 mm
  • Hot cell tare weight (1 or 2 airlock chamber): 8 320 kg / 8 520 kg
  • Exterior finish: Painted steel RAL 901 + ABS
  • Interior finish: Corian® + 316L stainless steel
  • Standard equipment:
    - 1 airlock chamber
    - 1 shielded compartment - generator
    - 1 shielded compartment - pot with lift
    - 1 shielded compartment - dose calibrator
    - 1 shielded compartment - 2 waste bins
    - 1 shielded compartment - storage
    - 2 shielded wall penetrations towards the outside (5 passages each)
  • Type of lighting: LED
  • Brightness: > 1 000 Lux
  • Germicidal UV: 2 x 9W G23 lamps
  • Noise level: < 63 dB(A)
  • Shielding thickness: 50 mm of lead


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